Games and Needlework

Games & Needlework aids make participating in games and needlework activities easy and enjoyable. They add fun to the user’s life and make him/her more lively and active. These recreation and leisure aids release mental stress of users and make them more fit and healthier. Health Products For You provides different types of games and needlework aids including card holders and shufflers, bowling ramps, cutting mats, embroidery holders, etc. These products are manufactured by some top selling names in the industry like Maddak, Fiskars, North Coast Medical, Skil Care Corp, Henkel Corp, etc.

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Some Examples of Games & Needlework Aids

  • Card Shuffler: Automatic card shuffler is used to shuffle one or two decks of cards quickly. Just a push of button is required for fast shuffling in seconds. 
  • Card Holders: Card holder, as the name suggests is used to hold the cards in a clear and organised manner. 
  • Bowling Ramp: Bowling ramp is great for wheelchair users or people with poor balance and lower extremity weakness, who want to participate in bowling activities. It is made up of lightweight material that makes it easy to carry. 
  • Embroidery Holder: Crocheting and embroidering holder clamps to a wheelchair frame or a table top to provide one-handed crocheting or embroidering. 
  • Cutting Mat: Cutting mat is used to protect tabletops from knives or cutters when cutting fabrics. Usually, it has a measuring scale on both sides for easy measurements.