Helping Your Vision

Helping Your Vision

                With age comes wisdom, but it can also come with vision impairment. We may not have the eagle eyes we had when we were teenagers. Everyday tasks like reading the newspaper or an owner’s manual can become difficult when everything is blurry.

Helping Your Vision

What Causes Vision Loss

                Yes, vision loss can be caused by old-age but there are other reasons the world becomes blurry to us. Diabetes can cause diabetic neuropathy or a degenerative disease called macular degeneration can lead to vision loss. Diseases such as glaucoma or cataracts can also diminish the eye’s ability to see clearly. All of these can be diagnosed by your doctor or ophthalmologist and appropriate treatments can be prescribed. In the meantime, there is technology available to help you see better.

Helping Your Vision

Reading labels or prescription bottles can be difficult, so the Enhanced Vision Pebble Magnifier can do it for you. No more mistakes that can lead to problems down the road. One way to ensure that you don’t get cheated at the weekly poker game is with the LoVision Playing Cards. With extra large characters for easy viewing you can tell if you are being shortchanged!!

When in Doubt… Magnify It!!

One way we can compensate for our diminished vision is to magnify what we are reading or looking at. Sometimes to read smaller print all we might need and is reading glasses that magnify smaller print. The Foster Grant MicroVision Compact Helping Your VisionReading Glasses are a simple way to relieve eye strain and bring difficult to read print into focus. With a magnification of 1.5 or 2.0; and with a foldable design for storage you can take these anywhere and read clearly. If you would prefer to not wear glasses, the Bar Magnifier can magnify an entire line 2X. It also features a ruler that shows standard and metric measurements. In order to magnify an entire page a larger magnification device is needed. The Deluxe Page Size Magnifier with Light can enlarge an entire page with 2X magnification and does not even need to be held to be used. You can even take your magnification aid with you by using the Folding 3X Magnifier. Featuring new and efficient LED technology, it can last up to 100,000 hours and even comes with a convenient travel pouch. Now you can see all the prices on that menu you couldn’t read before!!

Read Any Good Books?

Helping Your VisionMany people love to read. It might be a newspaper, favorite magazine, or one of The Times bestsellers, but when our vision fails we may be discouraged and stop reading. There are ways to continue reading as your hobby. The Sammons PROP IT Low Vision Book Rest can hold a wide range of books, from four-inch paperbacks to a 10 pound 10 inch reference book, your choice!! Users don’t even need to hold the 2X magnifier since it is built into the book rest and it can be used on the table, desk, your lap, or even on an airline tray table. To magnify larger print media, the Drive Standing Page Magnifier can magnify an entire page of the newspaper to a magnification of 2X, which is ideal for reading your local news. Conveniently, its legs fold up for storage and transportation. Sometimes we need our hands-free and can’t hold a magnifier. The Hands-Free Magnifier allows the user the ability to read or even sew without holding a magnifier in place. It fits over your neck and has a 1.5x viewing area and a 3X insert. Not only is reading simpler but so is craft time now. You can even magnify your computer screen with the Full-Page Rigid Magnifier. While great for print media, you can magnify by 2X the email from your grandchild or even your TV screen. Don’t lose out on anything due to diminishing vision.


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