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Exam Room Supplies include products that help healthcare professionals in assessing the vital body signs of the users. They are usually used during medical examinations in hospitals and clinics. Most of these medical room supplies are also convenient for home use. Health Products For You provides a wide range of exam room supplies including tuning fork, hammer, pinwheel, exam table paper, lamp, x-ray illuminator, penlights, ring cutter, laryngoscope set and hemocytometer set. They are designed by some top-selling manufacturers like Graham Field Health Products, Fabrication Enterprises, Medline Industries, Brandt Industries, etc.

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Some commonly used Exam Room Supplies

  • Tuning Fork: Tuning fork is used to measure hearing and vibratory sensation. It accurately monitors peripheral nervous system and is ideal for use on damaged regenerating nerves. 
  • Hammer: Hammer is an exam room equipment that helps in obtaining responses during medical check-ups. 
  • Pinwheel: Pinwheel is used to obtain pain perception and cutaneous sensory responses. It is to be sterilized before using on each client to ensure safety. 
  • Exam Table Paper: Exam table paper helps prevent staining and can be used on tables of any length. It is perfect for examination tables and massage tables.
  • Lamps: Lamps are used to provide light for treatment. 
  • Kick Bucket: Kick bucket is designed in such a way that it can pour easily without any need of removing it from the stand. 
  • Penlights: Penlights provide high-intensity exam lights to assist physicians and nurses. 
  • X-Ray Illuminators: X-ray illuminator is used to produce clearer image for an accurate diagnosis. It can be wall mounting or desk viewing.  
  • Ring Cutter: Ring cutter is specifically designed to slip under the ring and cut it. 
  • Laryngoscope Set: Laryngoscope set is used for the endoscopy of a part of throat called larynx. It gives a view of vocal folds and the glottis. 
  • Hemocytometer Set: Hemocytometer set is used for counting WBCs, RBCs and platelets. 
  • Glove Dispenser: Glove dispenser is used to store gloves for easy accessibility. It allows the users to check if the stock is getting low. Glove dispenser mounts on wall for ease of use.