Ear Thermometers

Ear thermometers are used to measure the body temperature by taking the eardrum temperature. It is a very accurate way to determine the body temperature because the ear drum is indented inside the head like your tongue. But the eardrum is very fragile. Care must be exercised while measuring the temperature via ear thermometers. These thermometers use infra-red radiations to measure the temperature. The reason behind using infra-red technology is to create an equipment that can detect even minor changes in infra-red radiations. These readings are then converted to temperature format and displayed on the screen. Digital ear thermometers or the tympanic thermometers are designed to take temperature from inside the ear canal. They are quick and are safe to use even for small children (older than 6 months), pets or adults. They are more comfortable than the rectal thermometers and oral thermometers.


  • Digital ear thermometers should not be used with children below 6 months of age.
  • They cannot be used in cases of ear infections. They may not produce accurate results if ear wax is present or the ear opening is too small for the probe to enter.

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