Chilling Units

Chilling units as the name suggests help in keeping cold packs cool and ready to use. These units prove to be a great utility in hospitals, therapy centers and sports facilities where there is always a demand for cryotherapy packs. Chilling units keeps them readily available for use. Front loading and top loading cooling units are best for offices and fitness centers. These units do not take up much space. Some cooling units are also supplied with wheels for extra portability. Buy chilling units with varying capacities or those designed for specific purposes on HPFY!


Types of Chilling Units Available

Freezing units can also be utilized for keeping beverages or insulin and other medications cool. Freezers have ample space in the front section and on the sides for added convenience. At HPFY we have a range of chilling units and beverage coolers. Beverage coolers are insulated specially for keeping beverages cool for a long period of time. These coolers come with a filling tap for easy filling. Some beverage coolers also come with wheels and folding handle great for taking along while on the go. 

Buy Chilling units from quality manufacturers like Igloo Products Corp and Chattanooga Group for keeping cryotherapy packs, beverages and medicines cool and ready to use at best prices and attractive discounts on HPFY! Buy now to avail exclusive discounts on all products and save big!