Auditory Stimulation

Auditory Stimulation help people with hearing impairments or partial deafness develop their auditory skills. These sensory instruments produce focused sounds that create an effect on the nervous system. The attractive shapes, sizes and colors make learning process fun for the users. Auditory stimulation can be used to develop language skills and also as a part of sesory therapy. Health Products For You offers sound activated toys from top-selling manufacturers like Enabling Devices, Somatron Corporation, Califone International, etc.

Types of Auditory Stimulation Aids

Auditory Stimulation Activities

Auditory stimulation activities help in stimulating auditory skills of the users. They lay high emphasis on quick and practical learning along with fun and relaxation. Their attractive colors provoke users to participate in these activities.

Auditory Stimulation Instruments

Auditory stimulation instruments create ideal conditions for learning process. Products like band sets, music players and musical bead chains help in faster development of users. They are pleasant to listen and leave a long lasting positive impact on users.

How Auditory Stimulation works?

Auditory Stimulation works to minimize the difficulties in speech understanding, especially in noisy and disturbing environments. It helps in enhancing the identification of sound patterns. A number of listening tasks like auditory discrimination, auditory detection, auditory understanding and auditory recognition are employed to exercise auditory abilities of users. All these methods result in enhanced auditory stimulation.

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