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What is Auditory Processing Disorder?

Children diagnosed with Auditory processing disorder (APD) exhibit a variety of listening complaints. They have difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments, distinguishing between sounds, following directions, and concentrating around background noise. Sometimes APD co-exists with autism, ADHD, ADD, or other disorders. Children who have sensory processing disorder will have some level of auditory processing deficits. APD can have a great impact on attention and learning. Children with APD can have difficulty reading, spelling, and understanding information presented verbally in the classroom.

Auditory stimulation can help advance the speed and clarity at which acoustic signals are processed. Auditory stimulation greatly improves communication skills, such as attention and effective listening. The toys for auditory stimulation utilize sounds to produce a stimulating and positive effect on the nervous system. Toys that produce music or sounds help children learn about different sounds and help develop their listening skills, including attention, awareness, distinguishing between sounds, and recognizing sounds and their source.

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What is an Auditory Toy?

Auditory stimulation toys and music therapy toys use sound to help children with various disabilities like ADHD, autism, APD, etc. Auditory stimulation toys use sound to offer extra sensation or soothe someone with a sensory processing disorder. These toys teach toddlers which sounds to focus on and how to identify them. Children with special needs often can feel overstimulated or understimulated by a sensory experience. Auditory and sensory stimulation toys help balance the senses and make the child feel at ease. Besides stimulating the senses, toys can help children with hearing impairment, visual impairment, learning disability, or speech disorder.

Benefits of an auditory toy

  • Provides sensory input for sensory seekers
  • Calms nerves
  • Promotes focus and concentration
  • Increases attention
  • Reduce hyperactivity

Auditory toys also help develop auditory skills, including:

  • The ability to hear various sounds
  • Remembering sounds
  • Being aware of the direction from which a sound is coming
  • Able to repeat a sound
  • Discriminating between sounds
  • Distinguishing target sounds from background noise

Auditory Sensory Toy Options At HPFY

  1. Spinning Light Show Switch Operated Toy is designed for children with severe physical, cognitive, or sensory integration disabilities.
  2. Band Jam Musical Instrument is designed to be used by individuals with severe physical or upper extremity disabilities.
  3. Musical Snail Switch Adapted Toy is useful for auditory and color recognition. It allows children to make musical notes by pushing the large colored buttons.
  4. Reading Time Communicator is a fun and exciting way to promote early reading skills, and it is good for auditory stimulation activities.
  5. Switch-Activated Dancing Water Beads toy's soothing music provides auditory and visual stimulation to capture the child's attention.

Where to Buy Auditory Stimulation Toys Online?

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