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What are Overbed Tables?

  • Overbed tables, are specifically configured with a base and lockable wheels to easily slide under a bed, while the tabletop can be adjusted in height to comfortably provide users a secured space for dining, reading, games, computer work and crafts. They are utilized in hospitals, long-term care facilities. Also known as bed tables, tilt top tables, and hospital bed tables, overbed tables are configured to more easily provide a steady surface top over the top of a bed.
  • These specially designed tables provide the same ease of use at home, and are perfect for anyone who has to spend a lot of time in bed. There are also configurations available that are specifically designed for use with wheelchairs, lift chairs and other chairs. 
  • Overbed tables are often employed in hospitals and other caregiving facilities to provide ease of use for the patients when dining, reading, using a computer or doing other activities such as writing, crafts, puzzles or games. Patients often keep their drinks and food on these tables for easier and closer accessibility. Instead of using an unsteady table that sits on the mattress, or a table that sits off to the side of the bed that is awkward or unreachable, utilizing an overbed table provides a stable, solid and reliable surface for a variety of purposes.

How to Choose An Overbed Table?

Dimensions Measure your bed to make sure you get an overbed table that's the right fit for you. Most overbed tables come with spill guard around the perimeter which prevents spills and burns. The edges shouldn't be sharp and well-rounded in case you are in the habit of resting your elbows over the table.

Tilt Overbed tables
It can come with an adjustable tilt angle, or serve as a regular non-tilt table depending on your need. An adjustable tilt table for greater functionality and comfort.


Although sturdiness and the heavy-duty construction is important, if the overbed table you are buying is storage-friendly and has easy accessibility. Find foldable table to address the problems of shortage of space, or to make it easier to carry around with you in the car if required.

Height The best-overbed tables have adjustable heights. This allows them to be more customizable and be used for different beds. You can set it in a position and lock it in place. The height-adjustable overbed tables can also be used for wheelchairs and recliners besides the bed.

Ease of Use In the end, it all comes down to your comfort and accessibility. These overbed tables come in daily use and they should be compatible with you and the bed. They should have an easy assembly if it doesn't come already assembled, and also easy to clean. 

Where to buy Overbed Tables?

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