Buy Best Amplified Phones for Seniors| Hearing Impaired Telephones

Amplified Phones enable users to have clearer, louder and more understandable telephonic conversations. They are especially designed for people with hearing impairment or loss. These telephones are full of unique features like caller ID, speaker phones, number memory, big buttons and loud volume for customized user needs. Mostly all the hard of hearing telephones come with volume controls so that users can turn the volume up and adjust the frequency to better fit their hearing requirements. Health Products For You offers a wide range of amplified phones from different manufacturers like Clearsounds Communications, Clarity USA, Serene Innovations, Future Call and Amplicom, etc.

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Features of Amplified Phones

  • Help users in having clearer telephone conversations
  • Come with built-in amplification and tone control
  • Volume can be turned up higher than a traditional phone
  • Provide frequency controlled ringers
  • Adjustable frequency better fits the hearing requirements of the users
  • Phones with flashlights are great for indicating calls

What to consider when buying Amplified Phones?

  • Degree of Hearing Loss – First thing to consider while buying amplified phones is the decibels (dB) of hearing loss user has. As a general rule, 18-28dB phone is suitable for mild hearing loss, 30-48dB for medium hearing loss and 50-55dB for extreme hearing loss. 
  • Type of Hearing Loss – It is important to find out whether user has trouble hearing low frequency or high frequency sounds. Most of the hearing impaired telephone devices are designed for high frequency. Usually, these telephones have a tone control that can be used to adjust to the right frequency. 
  • Type of Amplification – Type of amplification, whether incoming or outgoing also plays a significant role in choosing the amplified phones. Most amplified phones for hearing impaired people amplify the incoming voice, so that it is easier for the users to understand what the other person says. Some phones are designed to amplify both the incoming and the outgoing voice for people who are soft spoken and hearing impaired. Since hearing loss is usually degenerative, it is suggested to buy a higher amplification phone as there is always an option to turn the volume down. 
  • Corded vs. Cordless – Cordless amplified phones provide more freedom of mobility as compared to the corded phones. So if the freedom of mobility is important to the users, it is recommended to buy a cordless phone
  • Special Features – Different amplified phones come with different features. One can choose a phone depending on the features like big button, caller id, ring flasher, built in speaker phones, etc.