Gripping & Turning

Gripping & Turning aids are ideal for users with limited dexterity or weakened grip. They make it easier for users to use keys, turn knobs and handles, etc. Tap turners, key turners, knob grippers and door openers are few of the gripping and turning aids that reduce the stress of fingers, hands and wrist. Key turners hold the keys to make them easy to use and control. Door knob Grippers fit over the knobs and offer a slip-resistant surface that makes turning easier. Health Products For You offers Gripping & Turning aids from popular manufacturers like Drive Medical, Essential Medical, Freedom Distributors, North Coast Medical,etc.


Some examples of Gripping & Turning Aids

Health Products For You offers a wide range of grip aids that help people with weak grips to operate door knobs, use keys, etc.

  • Key Turner: Key turners are perfect for people who face difficulty in opening doors at home. The unique design of these key turners makes it very easy for the user to hold them and open the lock. Their curved handle comfortably fits into the hand and allows for easy turning. Knob 

  • Gripper: Knob grippers are used to transform a slippery handle into a non-slippery, easy to hold handle that requires less effort to turn. They are designed to be used on any round handle with easy installation and no tools. 

  • Automatic Door Opener: Such door openers open up and close the internal doors automatically. They can be adjusted to set the waiting time and how fast the door will open or close.