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Sammons Preston is a brand of Patterson medical that manufactures rehab and fitness products. You are able to find affordable prices on therapy putty and rolls, acrylic mirror, portable mirror, activity board, ramps and tables, pegboard, colored pegs, easel, square stools, benches and many more at HPFY Stores.

Sammons Preston Putty

Sammons Preston putty is used for finger and hand strengthening. When selecting occupational therapy supplies therapy putty could be a beat choice of pediatric advisors, hand rehab specialists, and other OT and PT experts. Sammons Preston offers non-toxic, super clean and latex-free putty.

Sammons Preston Knee Support

Sammons Preston offers knee supports to help support lateral/medial collateral ligament and anterior/posterior cruciate instability. They may also be used to maintain heat within the knee.

Sammons Preston Reachers

Reachers assist people with limited range of motion. They are made for personal use at home or professional use in care facilities. Try Sammons Preston Lightweight Aluminum Easireach II Reacher With Ergonomic Handle.