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Causes Of Breast Cancer

Types and Causes Of Breast Cancer

Types of Breast Cancer

Ductal carcinoma: This is most common type of breast cancer and begins in the milk duct.

Lobular carcinoma: Begins in the lobules where milk is produced.

Invasive: Cancer cells break out from inside the lobules or ducts and invade nearby tissue, increasing the chance of spreading to other parts of the body.

Non-invasive breast cancer: Cancer cells have are retained in their original area. These cells do have the potential to develop into invasive breast cancer.


Smoking, alcohol consumption and poor diet contribute greatly increase the risk of developing breast cancer. This risk increases to 35 to 50% in long-term smokers.


5-10% of all breast cancer cases are believed to be caused by genetics.


Exposure to radiation can place one at a higher risk of developing breast cancer.



High levels of estrogen can increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer.

Medical Conditions

Breast conditions like a typical ductal hyperplasia and lobular carcinoma in situ, found in benign breast issues such as fibrocystic breast changes, are related to an increased breast cancer risk. Diabetes might also increase the risk of breast cancer.