Special Tomato Soft Touch Sitter Only
Special Tomato Soft Touch Sitter Only

Special Tomato Soft Touch Sitter Only

Brand/Manufacturer: BERGERON

Special Tomato Soft Touch Sitter is the ideal choice for adaptive seating for children. This soft-to-the-touch seat provides a seating experience for a special needs child that is comfortable and functional. It is made from a latex-free, seamless material that is impermeable to fluids and guaranteed to be peel and tear resistant.

Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
77010109 Size 1, Dark Gray Each $4.30
77010209 Size 2, Dark Gray Each $5.32
77010309 Size 3, Dark Gray Each $6.48
77010409 Size 4, Dark Gray Each $8.34
77010509 Size 5, Dark Gray Each $10.20
77010104 Size 1, Aqua Each $4.30
77010204 Size 2, Aqua Each $5.32
77010304 Size 3, Aqua Each $6.48
77010404 Size 4, Aqua Each $8.34
77010504 Size 5, Aqua Each $10.20


  • Special Tomato Soft Touch Sitter has a strong exterior that will stand up and last, while the inside is a soft, comfortable foam ensuring a comfortable seating experience every time
  • Adjustable 5-point positioning harness provides a crotch strap that helps position the hips in the seat
  • Attachment straps for securing to a standard chair
  • Built in anti-microbial protection
  • Soft contoured seat with anti-thrust seating surface helps keep the hips positioned back in the seat and often improves sitting posture
  • Built-in abductor promotes leg separation and neutral hip alignment
  • Contoured head and lateral support supports the natural curvature of the trunk and spine
  • Can be used with certain strollers including the Special Tomato EIO, Special Tomato Jogger and Special Tomato Buggy
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Also available (separately):
    - Special Tomato Jogger Stroller (Code 62000000)
    - Special Tomato Eio Push Chair (Code 63000000)
    - Special Tomato Soft Touch Floor Sitter Kit (Code 78010105)
    - Special Tomato Soft Touch Sitter Headrest (Code 77020000)


ParticularsSize 1Size 2Size 3Size 4Size 5
Target Weight20lb to 30lb (9kg to 14kg) 30lb to 60lb (14kg to 27kg)40lb to 80lb (18kg to 36kg)50lb to 110lb (23kg to 50kg)90lb to 200lb (41kg to 91kg)
Target Height30" to 35" (75cm to 87.5cm)35" to 48" (87.5cm to 120cm)40" to 56" (100cm to 140cm)50" to 65" (125cm to 162.5cm)54" to 74" (135cm to 185cm)
Target Age1 to 2 years2 to 6 years6 to 9 years9 to 14 years13 years to Adult
Inside Seat Depth7" (17.5cm)9.5" (23.75cm)11.5" (28.75cm)13.5" (33.75cm)16" (40cm)
Inside Seat Width8" (20cm)110" (25cm)12" (30cm)14" (35cm)16" (40cm)
Seat Back Height21" (52.5cm)26" (65cm)29" (72.5cm)35" (87.5cm)39" (97.5cm)
Overall Seat Depth12" (30cm)14" (35cm)16" (40cm)19" (47.5cm)21" (52.5cm)
Overall Seat Width12" (30cm)14" (35cm)16" (40cm)18" (45cm)20" (50cm)
Overall Seat Height25" (62.5cm)29" (72.5cm)34" (85cm)40" (100cm)44" (110cm)
Weight of Seat6lb (2.7kg)10lb (4.5kg)13lb (6kg)15lb (7kg)19lb (8.6kg)
Floor to Seat Height Upright on Floor Base5" (12.7cm) 5.5" (13.8cm) 5.5" (13.8cm)N/AN/A
Floor to Seat Height Tilted on Floor Base4.5" (11.4cm) 4.5" (11.4cm)5" (12.7cm)N/AN/A
Floor to Seat Height Upright on Optional Stationary Base STATIONARY Base10" (25.4cm)10" (25.4cm)9.75" (24.8cm)11.5" (29.2cm)12.5" (31.8cm)
Floor to Seat Height Tilted on Optional Stationary Base10.5" (26.7cm)10.5" (26.7cm)10.5" (26.7cm)13" (33cm)14.25" (36.2cm)
Floor to Seat Height Upright on Optional Mobile Base12.5" (31.8cm)13.25" (33.7cm)13" (33cm)14.75" (37.5cm)16" (40.6cm)
Floor to Seat Height Tilted on Optional Mobile Base12.75" (32.4cm)13.75" (34.9cm)13.75" (34.9cm)16" (40.6cm)17.75" (45.1cm)


5 Year Warranty

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Questions & Answers

question image
We are just missing the harness.  Can you buy the harness alone?

Tina D - 5/31/2018 9:44:58 AM
answer image
We do not sell the replacement parts for the product.
Customer Care - 6/5/2018 1:13:53 AM
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