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Monaghan AeroEclipse Reusable Breath Actuated Nebulizer (RBAN)

Monaghan AeroEclipse Breath Actuated Nebulizer (RBAN) AeroEclipse Nebulizer Monaghan AeroEclipse Reusable Breath Actuated Nebulizer


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Item #: 69010
Reusable Breath Actuated Nebulizer
Item #: 69010
Reusable Breath Actuated Nebulizer
Item #: 69010
Reusable Breath Actuated Nebulizer

Measure your peak flows and save yourself from an emergency room visit!

Monaghan AeroEclipse Reusable Breath Actuated Nebulizer (R BAN) converts liquid medication into a fine mist so that it can be directly inhaled into the lungs. It is intended for use by patients with asthma or lung diseases, such as COPD or cystic fibrosis, requiring at-home aerosol treatments. AeroEclipse Breath Actuated Nebulizer creates aerosol when the user takes a breath in. The smallest effort made can create aerosol on demand. AeroEclipse R BAN can be operated in the breath actuated or continuous mode as per patient needs.

What does Monaghan Aeroeclipse Nebulizer Include?

Three components are included for easy assembly, making it very simple and effortless for patient use

  • AeroEclipse Nebulizer
  • Mouthpiece
  • Supply tubing

AeroEclipse Reusable Breath Actuated Nebulizer Features

  • Green Feedback Button:
    • Signals actuation and provides visual assist for proper use and breathing technique
    • Confirms aerosol is being produced and encourages long, slow inhalation
  • Mode Selector:
    • Allows for convenient selection of breath actuated or continuous operation modes
  • AeroControl System Regulator:
    • Enhances the breath actuation sensitivity to only 15 lpm of inspiratory effort to trigger the device
  • One-Way Exhalation Valve:
    • Assists for maximum aerosol delivery with each breath by virtually eliminating inspiration and expiration
    • Directs exhaled breath away from the face
    • Exhalation Valve is tinted green to enhance visibility
  • Air Entrainment:
    • Conditions the aerosol to improve the delivery of fine particle mass
  • EZ Twist Tubing:
    • User friendly ends allow sturdy grip for easier assembly and removal

Why choose Monaghan Aeroeclipse Breath Actuated Nebulizer?

  • AeroEclipse Reusable Breath Actuated Nebulizer administers aerosolized medication for patients who require at-home aerosol treatments as prescribed by a healthcare professional or physician
  • Breath actuated delivery only produces aerosol on inhalation allowing for breaks in treatment without drug loss
  • AeroEclipse R BAN delivers high and effective respirable dose to patients
  • Ergonomic, clear body and milliliter markers on the side of AeroEclipse BAN Nebulizer provide accurate drug measurements from 0.5ml to 6ml
  • Creates aerosol when user inhales, delivering medication deep into the lungs with minimal inhalation effort
  • Hospital technology available in a reusable version for home use
  • For optimal nebulizer performance and average treatment time of 6-8 minutes AeroEclipse R BAN can be combined with Ombra Compressor
  • Not made or manufactured with BPA, natural rubber latex, DEHP or lead
  • Intended for single patient use to prevent contamination
  • Approved for 6-months of use
  • Top-shelf dishwasher safe
  • Very light weighted (1.00 lb)

Breath Actuated Delivery:

  • AeroEclipse Breath Actuated Nebulizer improves respirable dose for efficient aerosol delivery deep into the lungs
  • Minimizes environmental loss by producing aerosol only on inhalation
  • Helps increase patient compliance by offering efficient treatment times

High Respirable Dose:

  • Respirable dose is the measurement that counts the part of the medical aerosol, between 1 and 4.8 microns, available to the patient
  • Due to breath actuated technology the Monaghan AeroEclipse R BAN is able to deliver high and effective respirable dose to the patients at the most effective particle size

Minimized Environmental Loss:

  • Breath actuated mode of the AeroEclipse Nebulizer creates aerosol only during the inhalation
  • When exhaling, the mist will stop
  • This patient on-demand therapy leads to less medication wastage and higher drug delivery
  • Individuals present nearby during the at-home aerosol treatment are also exposed to less environmentally wasted aerosol

Why Use AeroEclipse Reusable Breath Actuated Nebulizer?

  • With breath actuated delivery, aerosol is only produced when the user breathes in
  • This means medication is not wasted between breaths or if the user needs to take a break (for example if he needs to cough or have a conversation)
  • This puts the user in control of aerosol treatment and creates a safer home environment
  • Other nebulizers continuously produce aerosol regardless of whether the user is inhaling, exhaling or resting, resulting in medication being lost to the air instead of delivered to the lungs

What to buy with AeroEclipse Breath Actuated Nebulizer?

How To Use AeroEclipse Breath Actuated Nebulizer?

Following the below given steps will ensure that you get the most out of your nebulizer treatment. Please ensure that your hands are washed well before starting the treatment.

Setting up AeroEclipse R BAN:

  • Inspect AeroEclipse Reusable Breath Actuated Nebulizer and ensure the exhalation valve on the mouthpiece is pointing down.
  • Place your compressor on a clean, flat surface or table top.
  • Carefully place prescribed medication into the nebulizer cup and replace the nebulizer top.
  • Ensure the nebulizer is kept in an upright position so your medication does not spill.
  • Connect the EZ Twist Tubing to the bottom of the nebulizer and the other end to the air outlet on your compressor. Ensure both ends are securely attached.

Using AeroEclipse R BAN:

  • In a comfortably seated position, switch on your compressor.
  • Place the mouthpiece gently in your mouth. Ensure that your lips are sealed around the edge but do not cover the exhalation valve.
  • If you are using an AeroEclipse mask, place it securely over the nose and mouth, ensuring a good seal.
  • Breathe in slowly and deeply, then exhale normally through the device.
  • Always make sure that there is a good seal around the mouthpiece or mask.
  • Take slow, deep breaths continuously, until the noise created by the device changes – referred to as "sputter" sometimes.
  • When your treatment is complete, switch off your compressor.

How to Clean AeroEclipse R BAN?

  • Clean AeroEclipse BAN Nebulizer after each use and disinfect it as least once every other treatment day.
  • May be cleaned on the top shelf of dishwasher or disinfected with vinegar or by boiling.
  • Allow all parts to dry thoroughly before reassembling and store them in a dry, dust-free place.

AeroEclipse Reusable Breath Actuated Nebulizer User Guide

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