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Molnlycke Mepilex Border Sacral Adhesive Sterile Foam Dressing

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Molnlycke Mepilex Border Sacrum Dressing is designed to absorb moderate to high exudate. The five-layer design helps prevent pressure ulcers and provides optimal wound healing. This has a moisture-proof and bacteria-proof film backing with Deep Defense technology, providing high strength and flexibility. Mepilex Border Sacrum Foam Dressing forms a seal around the wound to prevent wound leakage. The dressing can be changed without damaging the wound or surrounding skin.

Mepilex Border Sacrum Dressing Benefits

  • Less pain and trauma upon removal
  • Designed for sacral wounds
  • Handling tabs for ease of application and removal
  • Absorbs moderate to high amounts of exudate
  • Protection and sealing at gluteal cleft
  • Designed for ease of use and patient comfort


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Features of Mepilex Border Sacrum Foam Dressing

  • Sacral Shape: The dressing is specifically shaped to fit the sacral area, which is the lower back region above the buttocks. The shape ensures optimal coverage and adherence to the contours of the body, enhancing comfort and protection
  • Foam Absorbent Layer: The dressing incorporates a soft and absorbent foam layer that effectively manages exudate (fluid) from the wound. The foam absorbs and locks away the exudate, preventing it from pooling around the wound and promoting a moist wound-healing environment
  • Safetac Adhesive Technology: The Safetac adhesive technology used in this dressing ensures gentle and secure fixation on the skin. It adheres securely to the surrounding skin, minimizing pain and trauma upon removal while also preventing leakage and reducing the risk of maceration (softening of skin due to excessive moisture)
  • Moisture-Regulating: The dressing has a moisture-regulating function, allowing for moisture vapor transmission while maintaining an optimal level of moisture at the wound site. This helps create a balanced and conducive environment for healing
  • Multi-layered absorbent foam pad: Retention layer stores exudate, non-woven layer spreads and retains fluid, absorption layer transfers exudate to layers above
  • Easy Application and Removal: Features convenient handling tabs that facilitate easy and aseptic application. The tabs ensure a secure and precise positioning of the dressing during application. When it's time to remove the dressing, the Safetac adhesive minimizes pain and skin damage
  • Bacterial Barrier: Self-adherent soft silicone bordered foam dressing that is waterproof and bacteria-proof. This reduces the risk of infection and promotes a clean and sterile environment for wound healing
  • Soft and Conformable: The dressing is made of a soft and flexible material that conforms to the shape of the sacral area, ensuring a comfortable fit. It contours to the body's movements, allowing for improved patient comfort and facilitating a better seal around the wound
  • Areas of use: Treatment of moderate to highly exuding wounds such as pressure ulcers, leg and foot ulcers, traumatic wounds like skin tears and secondary healing wounds, aid in the prevention of skin damage, surgical incisions

When to use Mepilex Coccyx Dressing?

Treatment of moderate to highly exuding wounds such as:

  • Pressure Ulcers
  • Leg and foot ulcers
  • Traumatic wounds like Skin Tears
  • Secondary Healing Wounds
  • Aid in the Prevention of Skin Damage
  • Surgical Incisions
  • Sloughy wound
  • Red granulated wound
  • Medium to high exudation
  • Painful wound
  • Sutured wound
  • Superficial wound
  • Fragile skin
  • Bordered foam dressings
  • Shaped dressings
  • Absorbent dressings

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How to use Mepilex Border Sacrum Dressing?

Prepare the area: cleanse intact skin. Dry the surrounding skin thoroughly. Use of skin barrier underdressing is not necessary

Assess the patient’s anatomy and determine appropriate dressing positioning.

determining appropriate dressing positioning

1. After the skin is prepared, remove the center release film by gently pulling on the pink-lined edge.

remove the center release film

2. Apply dressing to the sacral area and into an upper aspect of the gluteal cleft, with the dressing ‘base’ positioned to cover the coccyx area.

Apply Mepilex Border Sacrum Foam Dressing

3. Remove side release films and gently smooth each side into place.

Remove side release film from the dressing

4. Press and smooth the dressing to ensure the entire dressing is in contact with the skin.

Smooth the Mepilex Border Sacrum Foam Dressing

5. Ensure dressing conforms to the skin and avoid gaps or air pockets

Ensure proper placement

Pressure ulcer prevention Re-application guide

  • Assess to confirm dressing is intact and applied correctly
  • Gently pull the handling tabs to begin releasing the dressing from the skin.
  • Continue to release dressing from the skin using handling tabs until the skin is exposed for a skin check.
  • While maintaining the dressing position at the gluteal cleft, perform an assessment of the skin.
  • Reapply the foam and borders of the dressing.
  • Confirm dressing is replaced to its original position, making sure the border is intact and flat.
  • Press and smooth the dressing to ensure the entire dressing is in contact with the skin.

Molnlycke Mepilex Border Sacrum Dressing Application Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the use of Mepilex Border Sacral Dressing?

These are self-adherent, multilayer foam dressings meant to prevent pressure ulcers on the heel and sacrum.

2. How often to change this dressing?

Mepilex Border Sacrum Dressing offers up to a 7-day wear time.

3. What is the absorbency level of Mepilex Sacral Dressing?

It absorbs moderate to high amounts of exudate.

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