Graham Field Lumex Everyday Adult Walker with Wheels
Graham Field Lumex Everyday Adult Walker with Wheels

Graham Field Lumex Everyday Adult Walker with Wheels

  • Made in USA

Graham Field Lumex Everyday Adult Walker with Wheels is specially designed for those who have difficulty while walking and maintaining balance on their own. The Lumex Adult walker helps the user to move by providing the utmost support. In this walker, the sturdy 1" aluminum tubing provides maximum strength while remaining lightweight. The dual-release folding mechanism enables the user to fold walker sides independently. The walker also comes with complete glide tips that replace rear leg rubber tips to enhance walker maneuverability on all surfaces.

Lumex Everyday Adult Walker Highlights:

  • Anodized aluminum frame  
  • 300 lb weight capacity 
  • Dual release folding mechanism 
  • Contoured, textured handgrips 
  • Stable and lightweight frame

Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
716270B-1 Blue Color Everyday Walker Each $2.00
716270BK-1 Black Color Everyday Walker Each $2.00
716270G-1 Gold Color Everyday Walker Each $2.00
716270P-1 Plum Color Everyday Walker Each $2.00
716270PK-1 Pink Color Everyday Walker Each $2.00
716270R-1 Red Color Everyday Walker Each $2.00

Graham Field Everyday Adult Walker Features

  • Sturdy 1" aluminum tubing provides maximum strength while remaining lightweight at the same time
  • Dual-release folding mechanism that enables the user with limited dexterity to fold walker sides independently
  • Walker comes with 5" front fixed wheels
  • Complete with glide tips that replace rear leg rubber tips to enhance walker maneuverability on all surfaces
  • Lumex walker provides contoured and textured handgrips that provide additional comfort
  • Contoured, textured handgrips provide additional comfort
  • Stable and lightweight frame makes it easy to maneuver
  • Anodized aluminum frame supports a 300 lb
  • Color: Available in Blue, Black, Plum, Pink and Gold

How To Use Lumex Everyday Walker?

Assembly of the Walker
  • Remove closed walker from carton. 
  • Install legs by depressing the height adjustment button and slide onto walker frame until the button engages in the desired adjustment hole. Adjust all leg attachments to the same height.
    - Warning: Ensure all push buttons protrude fully from height -adjustment holes, all legs are adjusted to the same height, and wheeled leg attachments are positioned on the front and towards the outside of the walker. 
  • To open walker, push handgrips and sides out away from each other until the release mechanisms lock into place.

Closing the Walker
  • Push downward on release button and hold.
  • Grab one handgrip and push inwards towards center of walker. 
  • Repeat for other handgrip.

Adjusting the Height
NOTE: Height adjustment should be made to desired height before operation. Consult with healthcare professional for proper adjustment.
  • To adjust the height of the leg attachment, depress the adjustment button and slide upwards or downwards to the desired height. 
  • Adjust the height of the walker by aligning all four leg attachments to the same position height.
When walking, the user should grasp one handgrip in each hand, positioning body between the two rear walker legs, and walking at a comfortable pace. The rear walker legs should be in contact with the floor at all times.

  • For dust and dirt, wipe walker gently with damp, soft cloth. 
  • Inspect wheels (if applicable) periodically for wear or damage. Use a mild soap and water solution to clean, rinse with clear water, then dry with a soft cloth.
  • Never use organic solvents, abrasive cleaners, or scouring pads on any part of the walker.
  • Inspect Walker weekly for proper function and wear. If any component is not in proper working order or appears worn, contact your GF Health Products, Inc. distributor for repair and/or appropriate replacement parts. 
  • If handgrips are loose, DO NOT use. Contact your GF Health Products, Inc. authorized distributor. 
  • Replace any broken, damaged or worn items immediately

  • DoNot use this product without first completely reading and understanding these instructions and any additional instructional material such as owner’s manuals, service manuals or instruction sheets supplied with this product. If you are unable to understand the warnings, cautions or instructions, contact a healthcare professional, dealer or technical personnel before attempting to use this equipment - otherwise, injury or damage may occur. 
  • If components are damaged or missing, contact your GF Health Products, Inc. distributor immediately. DO NOT substitute parts.
  • Before use, ensure that all assembled parts are secure and all hardware is tightened. 
  • Care should be taken to ensure that all height adjustments are secure, and that wheels (if applicable) and moving objects are in good working order before using this walker. 
  • Always observe the user weight limitation on the hangtag of this product. 
  • Notice for California Customers: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive or developmental harm. 
  • Be careful when reaching for objects when using the walker. Reaching for objects can change the weight distribution of the walker and may cause the walker to tip, resulting in injury or damage.


Particulars Dimensions
Width Inside Handgrips 17"
Width Inside Rear Legs 20"
Overall Width. 25 ½"
Depth Front to Rear 20 ¼"
Depth Folded 4"
Minimum Height 32"
Maximum Height 39"
Weight Capacity 300 lb


One (1) year limited warranty

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