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Sperm Test Kit
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DDC SpermCheck Fertility Home Sperm Test Kit allows men to test their sperm count in the privacy of their own homes. It features easy-to-read results that indicate in just 10 minutes if a man has a normal or low sperm count. SpermCheck Fertility is designed as the first step in male fertility testing. It can help inform a man whether or not a more comprehensive clinical fertility evaluation is needed.

What does DDC SpermCheck Fertility Home Test Kit Includes?

  • 1 SpermCheck device.
  • 1 semen transfer device.
  • 1 semen collection cup.
  • 1 SpermCheck solution bottle.

DDC SpermCheck Fertility Test Kit Features

  • Fast Result in Minutes.
  • Proven Accurate.
  • Convenient and Private.
  • Note:
    • This test cannot be used to prove paternity.
    • This test assesses sperm concentration only. It does not detect all fertility issues.

DDC Fertility Test for Men User Manual

What to buy with DDC at home Male Fertility Test Kit

How to Perform the DDC Spermcheck Fertility Test?

  1. Let semen stand for twenty (20) minutes.
  2. Punch out a perforated circle on the box and insert Solution Bottle so that it stands upright.
  3. Use Semen Transfer Device to stir and mix semen in Semen Collection Cup gently.
  4. Remove the purple cap from Solution Bottle.
  5. Add semen from Semen Transfer Device to Solution Bottle.
  6. Replace the purple cap. Mix gently by inverting the bottle several times.
  7. Wait two (2) minutes.
  8. Unscrew clear tip from Solution Bottlecap.
  9. Add six (6) drops into the oval sample well-marked "S."
  10. Begin timing and wait seven (7) minutes.
  11. Read the result at exactly seven (7) minutes.

DDC Spermcheck Fertility Home Test for Men FAQ

Q1. How accurate is the test?

In a clinical study comparing the results of the SpermCheck Fertility Test to the standard microscopic laboratory test, SpermCheck Fertility was over 98% accurate in identifying if semen samples contained greater than or less than 15 million sperm per milliliter.

Q2. What does a positive test result mean?

A positive result indicates that your sperm count is at least 15 million per milliliter, a level considered "normal" for fertile men. However, a positive SpermCheck Fertility test result does not prove that you are fertile since several other factors can influence a man's ability to father a child. If you and your partner cannot conceive a child after several months of trying, you should have full fertility evaluations, even if your SpermCheck® test result was positive.

Q3. What does a negative test result mean?

A negative result indicates that your sperm count is less than 15 million per milliliter, below most fertile men. However, some men with sperm counts below this level can still father children naturally. However, we recommend discussing your test results with a doctor and having a thorough semen study to discover how low your sperm count is and whether you have any other sperm abnormalities that could compromise your fertility. It is particularly important to consult a physician if you and your partner have been trying to conceive a child for a year or more without success. It is also important to understand that your sperm count can vary daily, so you might get a positive result if you wait a while and test again.

Q4. My semen sample did not become a thin liquid after 20 minutes. Can I still perform the test?

Some semen samples will not liquefy as quickly or fully as others. The SpermCheck® the device may still give an accurate result even if your sample does not completely liquefy. You must be allowed the sample to stand for at least 20 minutes and mix it as directed, avoiding any solid material when adding semen to the SpermCheck  Solution Bottle. Letting it stand longer (up to three hours) may help it become more liquid. Keeping the semen near body temperature (but no warmer than 98˚F) by carefully floating the sample cup in a bowl of shallow warm water may also help the sample liquefy. DO NOT MICROWAVE. Fill the Semen Transfer Device with semen from the part of the sample where it is most liquid. If your sample has not liquefied at all, or if you cannot help fill the Semen Transfer Device to the bottom of the raised frosted line without it clogging with solid or stringy material, you should discard the sample. Wait at least 48 hours and collect another semen sample.

Q5. The test line was not visible when I looked at it at 7 minutes but was visible when I looked at it again later. Does this mean that my test result is positive?

The correct result you observe at 7 minutes after adding the semen mixture to the sample well. A Test Line that is not visible may develop some color when the SpermCheck Device sits past the correct reading time. That is why you must read the test result at 7 minutes. Reading the test less than 7 minutes or more than 7 minutes after adding the semen mixture to the SpermCheck  Device may give an incorrect result or one that cannot be interpreted.

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