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BD Nexiva Dual Port Closed IV Catheter System


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Item #: 383539
18G x 1-1/4"
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20G x 1"
Item #: 383539
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22G x 1"
Item #: 383531
24G x 3/4"
Item #: 383539
18G x 1-1/4"
20/Pack, 4/Case
20/Pack, 4/Case
Item #: 383536
20G x 1"

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BD Nexiva Dual Port Closed IV Catheter System is the first of its kind all-in-one closed system IV catheter designed to minimize the risk of IV catheter failure. It features proprietary BD Vialon biomaterial that enables longer dwell times. The catheter's built-in stabilization platform minimizes movement that can lead to catheter complications, restarts and associated costs, and reduces dislodgement.

Benefits of BD Nexiva Closed IV Catheter System

  • Constructed with BD Vialon Biomaterial
  • Longer dwell times
  • Integrated system
  • Built-In Stabilization Device
  • Quick blood visualization

BD Nexiva Closed IV catheter Features

  • BD Q-Syte Luer Access Split Septum
    A testament to the power of simplicity, its minimal design offers maximum benefits, including high flow rates, exceptional reliability, clear visibility and cleanability.
  • Dual Access
    A second port allows for simultaneous administration of compatible fluids and medications near the insertion site. A second BD Q'Syte device is included in the package.
  • All-in-One Closed System
    The pre-assembled system creates a closed single lumen fluid path, designed to contain blood during insertion, reducing potential for blood exposure and the potential for contamination at connection. BD Nexiva Closed IV catheter system is also capable of withstanding power injections for contrast-enhanced CT scans
  • Built-In Stabilization Device
    A soft, flexible stabilization platform is integrated into the catheter system. It is designed for stability and comfort to minimize catheter movement in the vessel, as well as irritation to the vessel
  • BD Instaflash Needle Technology
    Designed to reduce hit-and-miss insertion by confirming the vessel entry, enabling you to stay focused on the insertion site
  • BD Vialon Biomaterial
    Clinically proven BD Vialon biomaterial has longer indwell times and softens up to 70% in the vessel, reducing the chance of mechanical phlebilitis by up to 50%
  • Meets the CDC Guidelines and Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice for catheter stabilization

What to buy with BD Nexiva Dual Port IV Catheter?

How to use BD Nexiva Dual Port Closed Catheter?

1. Preparation

  • Secure vent plug and BD Q-Syte Luer Access Split Septum
  • Clamp should not be engaged
  • Twist to remove needle cover.
  • Holding as shown, pull back approximately 1/8” on finger grips
  • Push finger grips back to their original position so the stabilization platform and finger grips are snugly together
Direction For Using BD Nexiva Dual Port Closed Catheter

2. Insertion And Flashback

  • Hold the system as shown and access the vessel
  • Initial blood return is along the catheter, then up the extension tube
  • Look at catheter for initial blood return
  • Lower and advance the entire catheter and needle unit slightly to ensure the catheter tip is within the vessel

     Direction For Using BD Nexiva Dual Port Closed Catheter

3. Advancement
  • Place pad of index finger behind the push-tab and push the catheter off the needle into the vessel
  • Tip: Do not pull back on the needle during advancement
     Direction For Using BD Nexiva Dual Port Closed Catheter 
4. Needle Removal
  • Stabilize the catheter system and pull back on the finger grips until the push-tab component releases from the stabilization platform
  • Discard the shielded needle into a puncture-resistant, leak-proof sharps container
  • Tip: Do not hold onto the push-tab component of the device as this will prevent the release of the needle shield
     Direction For Using BD Nexiva Dual Port Closed Catheter 
5. Stabilization And Preparation For Use
  • Apply a transparent dressing to cover the septum, allowing maximum use of extension tubing
  • Engage the clamp
  • Remove the vent plug and attach the other BD Q-Syte device
     Direction For Using BD Nexiva Dual Port Closed Catheter 
6. Access and Flushing/Infusion
  • Disinfect the BD Q-Syte device with an appropriate antiseptic
  • Insert the male luer of a syringe or administration set using a straight-on approach
  • Release the clamp and flush or start infusion. Secure the extension tubing.
     Direction For Using BD Nexiva Dual Port Closed Catheter 
7. Disconnection
  • Clamp before disconnecting to minimize the reflux of blood
  • Hold the BD Q-Syte device during disconnection and use a straight-off approach.
     Direction For Using BD Nexiva Dual Port Closed Catheter 

BD Nexiva Dual Port Closed IV Catheter System User Instruction Guide:


  • Do not bend the needle when using the catheter system.
  • Never insert a needle into the catheter septum.
  • Do not use scissors at or near the insertion site.
  • The BD Q-Syte device should not be used with needles, blunt cannula, non-ISO Luers, or ISO Luers with visible defects. Doing so may result in leakage and/or failure of the device.
  • If needle or blunt cannula injection is attempted, the BD Q-Syte device must be replaced immediately.
  • Luer-slip connections should not be left unattended due to potential of disconnection.
  • When connecting to or disconnecting from the BD Q-Syte device, hold the device itself, not the female Luer adapter, to avoid over-tightening or accidental removal of the device.
  • When using the BD Q-Syte device with a Luer-slip syringe, avoid “over-twisting” as the tip is inserted or removed. Excessive force or “overtwisting” is not required due to the softness of the material and may damage the integrity of the device.
  • When connecting to or disconnecting from the BD Q-Syte device, always insert or remove the male Luer using a ”straight-on/straight-off” approach. Angled insertions/removals may cause poor functioning and/or damage to the device.
  • To avoid damage to the BD Q-Sye device, do not rotate the male Luer while it is inserted.
  • If blood is present, flush the BD Q-Syte device with a minimum of 5 mL or until clear. If unable to clear, replacement is recommended.
  • Do not attempt to override or defeat the needle shielding mechanism.
  • Report needlesticks immediately and follow established protocol.
  • Immediately dispose of any needles that fail to shield, keeping the needlepoint away from the body and fingers at all times.
  • Exposure to blood, either through percutaneous puncture with a contaminated needle or via mucous membranes, may lead to serious illness such as hepatitis, HIV (AIDS), or other infectious diseases.
  • This is not a dual lumen catheter.
  • 18-22 gauge catheter systems are suitable for use with power injectors set to a maximum pressure of 300 psi and within maximum flow rate recommendations, when the access ports are removed and a direct connection is made.
  • The patency of the catheter system must be assured immediately before power injecting.
  • Measures should be taken to avoid kinking or obstructing the catheter system during power injection to avoid product failure.
  • Re-use may lead to infection or other illness/injury.
  • It is recommended that the BD Nexiva device be changed according to facility policy, CDC (USA) guidelines, or if the integrity of the device has been compromised.

Warnings: 24 gauge catheter systems should not be used with power injectors

Nexiva Dual Port IV Catheter Specifications

Product Code Colour Code Gauge Size Catheter Length Catheter O.D (mm) Catheter I.D (mm) Extension Tube I.D (mm) Flow Rate H2O (mL/hr)
383531 Yellow 24 0.75 0.71 0.36 1.22 780
383532 Blue 22 1 0.9 0.52 1.22 1620
383536 Pink 20 1 1.1 0.64 1.65 3240


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