Aircast AirSelect Elite Walking Boot
Aircast AirSelect Elite Walking Boot

Aircast AirSelect Elite Walking Boot

Brand/Manufacturer: DJO INCORPORATED

Aircast AirSelect Elite Walking Boot is the most-advanced walking boot, engineered to provide the ultimate in protection, comfort, and edema control. The Elite has a durable, semi-rigid shell that helps support the limb while providing full-shell protection. Overlapping Duplex aircells line the shell providing intermittent pneumatic compression for 3 times faster edema reduction. The front panel is pre-inflated and combined with the overlapping aircells, provides a Total contact fit.

AirSelect Elite Walking Boot is Indicated for:

  • Stable fracture of foot/ankle/lower leg
  • Severe ankle sprain
  • Post-operative immobilization
  • Reduction of edema (swelling) 3x faster

Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
01EP-XS X-Small Each $2.82
01EP-S Small Each $2.82
01EP-M Medium Each $2.82
01EP-L Large Each $2.82
01EP-XL X-Large Each $2.82

AirSelect Elite Features

  • Integrated inflation system (NO separate hand bulb):
    - Integrated inflation system puts the patient in control for an individualized fit
  • Non-marking, skid resistant rubber tread:
    - For greater traction and longer wear
  • Duplex technology:
    - Promotes faster edema reduction, thus promoting pain relief, patient compliance and faster healing
  • SoftStrike technology:
    - Absorbs and dissipates the energy during heel strike
    - Reduction of heel pain
  • Low profile optimized rocker sole:
    - The lab-designed rocker sole, enables a normal walking gait with less forefoot angulations and reduces hyperextension of the knee
    - Toe-off section continues the rocking motion, enhancing mobility
    - Mid-stance section is designed to minimize hip differential
  • Trimmable and heat moldable semi-rigid shell:
  • - Makes it easy to custom-fit the brace to the patient
    - Sleek, open-frame design provides ventilation and maximum patient protection and compliance
    - Shell contours around the malleoli, eliminating pressure for sustained comfort
    - AirSelect boots have improved width around the ankle area as well as uniformed sizing throughout the various sizes of the boot (XS-XL)
  • Three-strap system:
    - Evenly disperses pressure, eliminates pooling of edema
  • - Ease of application
  • Material Components
    - Shell: Polypropylene
    - Front Panel: High Density Polyethylene
    - Straps: Nylon
    - Lined Aircells (Anterior and Posterior): Polyurethane with Polyester Fabric
    - Inflation Pumps: Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
    - Liner: Nylon/Polyurethane/Polyester (Outer/Foam/Inner mesh)
    - Binding: Polyester
    - Outer Sole/Insole: Eva/Rubber
    - Selector dial: Nylon
    - Sock (Elite): Acrylic/Cotton

More On AirSelect Elite

Warnings and Precautions:
  • Do not over-inflate aircells.
  • Improper aircell inflation may cause significant skin irritation, especially in people with diabetic neuropathy (a diabetic nerve condition).
  • Check your skin frequently for spots and skin irritation.
  • If you see any skin changes or feelings of discomfort, reduce the aircell compression.
  • Do not use this device if you cannot feel sensations whether due to post-op anesthesia, nerve, skin or other conditions.
  • Use caution when walking on slippery or wet surfaces to avoid injury.

Cleaning Instructions:
  • The foam liner may be hand-washed in 86°F/30°C water with mild detergent and air-dried.
  • Do not put in dryer or use other heat source to dry.

Adjust Aircell Compression:
  • The ELITE walking brace aircells are initially deflated.
  • Begin inflation on injured side first. Turn the SELECTOR found on the right-side of the brace to the appropriate number. Number 1 inflates the aircell on the right-side, Number 2 inflates the aircell on the left-side and Number 3 inflates the back aircell.
  • To inflate aircell, press and release large inflation pump found on the top right-side of brace. Pump until aircell feels snug.
  • To inflate other aircells, rotate SELECTOR to the appropriate number and then press and release large inflation pump. Pump until aircell feels snug.
  • In the event of over-inflation, deflate aircells.

Deflate Aircells:
  • To deflate aircells, turn the SELECTOR found on the right-side of the brace to the proper aircell number.
  • Press and hold finger on the small release button found on the top right-side of brace.
  • Deflate until pressure is comfortable.

AirSelect Elite Specification

SizeShoe Size MenShoe Size WomenHeight of BraceMid-Footbed WidthToe Footbed WidthCalf Width
X-SmallUp to 4Up to 513.6" (34.5cm)3.4" (8.6cm)3.8" (9.7cm)4.0" (10.2cm)
Small4 to 75 to 814.8" (37.6cm)3.6" (9.1cm)4.2" (10.7cm)4.25"(10.8cm)
Medium7 to 108 to 1116.0" (40.6cm)4.1" (10.4cm)4.6" (11.7cm)5.0" (12.7cm)
Large10 to 1311 to 1517.4" (44.2cm)4.5" (11.4cm)5.0" (12.7cm)5.0" (12.7cm)
X-Large13+15+18.2" (46.3cm)5.0" (12.7cm)5.5" (14.0cm)5.5" (14.0cm)

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