Frequently Asked Questions on Strollers

What are pediatric strollers?

Pediatric strollers are designed to provide your child with a smooth stroll through the neighborhood, hospital, through the park or wherever you need to go. Strollers and pushchairs are easily transportable, good for travel and compact when folded up.

What are tilt-in-space strollers?

Tilt-in-space wheelchairs are designed for kids with moderate to severe muscle tone challenges who need maximum flexibility with tilting/reclining functions in order to relieve pressure on joints and achieve the a comfortable and safe seating position.

What are multi positioning strollers?

Multi-positioning strollers provide multiple seating positions between upright and reclined positions. Fixed position adjustments generally range from 5 to 20 degrees, depending upon the needs of the child.

How are folding strollers useful?

Folding strollers are good for transport purposes. Such strollers do not have many attachments and fold compactly, which makes them ideal for travel.

What are school bus transit strollers?

School bus transit strollers are made to safely transport special needs kids via public transport. These strollers are fabricated with special loops to be tied to straps that are present in the school buses to secure the strollers safely.