Frequently Asked Questions on Weighted

What are weighted vests?

Weighted vests are recommended for children with autism. They are recommended by a therapist to help an autistic child focus in the classroom or calm down and sometimes to help with stereotypical behaviors, or stimming.

How much weight should a weighted vest have?

It is recommended that the vest must have somewhere around 5-10 percent of the body weight . Too much weight may result in over-stimulation and/or injury.

How long should a child with autism wear a weighted vest?

The benefits of a weighted vest are generally noticed while the child is wearing the vest. So, in case of focus issues, you can leave the vest on at the time when the child is in the classroom or school. If the vest is used to calm the child, the calming effects of the vest will remain even after removal of the vest.

How does weighted vests help with stereotypical behaviours?

Therapists believe that inattentiveness and stereotypical behaviors are caused by over- or under-sensitivity to sensory input. Wearing a weighted vest provides deep pressure sensory input that helps with sensory difficulties.

Do weighted vests work with all children with autism?

Weighted vests do not help all children because they might feel uncomfortable and distracting for some children. You must observe when introducing one, especially if your child has significant communication challenges. Discontinue use of the vest if you see no benefit or it causes any distress to the child.