Frequently Asked Questions on Pediatric Mobility

What are pediatric mobility devices?

Pediatric mobility devices include pediatric canes, child crutches, pediatric walkers, crawlers etc. that offer a child or smaller person excellent walking assistance.

How are pediatric quad canes useful?

Pediatric quad canes come with a wide base with rubber tips. They are adjustable to fit to the height of the child. These canes have handles that can be rotated for right or left hand use.

What are the benefits of pediatric crutches?

Pediatric crutches are fully height adjustable to accomodate the growing child. Also the cuff heights can be adjustated according to the childs needs.

What are pediatric walkers?

Pediatric walkers and gait trainers are devices that are designed to be adjustable for different levels of development and requirements. Pediatric walkers allow a child to be independent for healthier growth and development.

What are crawl trainers?

Baby crawl trainers are designed for children who lack head control or the ability to roll over or crawl by supporting the child while instructing, encouraging and reinforcing crawling.