Frequently Asked Questions on HeelCare Pillows

What is a heel protector pillow?

A heel protector pillow is constructed of foam, air-cushioning, gel, or fiber-filling. It is designed to offload pressure from the heel in order to help prevent decubitus ulcers on the boney area of the foot.

Who should use a heel pillow?

Immobilized patients at high risk of Skin breakdown and pressure ulcers are recommended to use heel pillows.

How do heel protectors aid foot drop?

Heel protectors or heel cushions generally suspend the heel offering pressure relief while supporting the foot in an upright position.

How to clean the heel pillows?
Hand wash with water and mild detergent. Please do not bleach or iron the heel pillows. Vinyl Pillows should be wiped with a wet towel and left to air dry.
Where to buy Heel pillows?

You can select from a range of heel protector pillows at our online store or call our customer care team toll free at 866-316-0162.