Frequently Asked Questions on Bariatric Wheelchair

What is a bariatric wheelchair?

Bariatric wheelchairs are also called heavy duty wheelchairs. These chairs come in two variants Heavy duty manual wheelchairs and heavy duty power wheelchair. A bariatric wheelchair can be used by patients who exceed the 300 lb. mark. These wheelchairs are wider and come with additional features like a rigid frame, leg supports, solid rubber tires etc. for added safety

How wide are the bariatric wheelchairs?

The width of bariatric wheelchairs lie between 24" - 32".

What is the weight capacity of a bariatric wheelchair?

A bariatric wheelchair can accomodate upto 700 lbs. weight.

Who can ride a bariatric power wheelchair?

A bariatric user who may ride the power scooter must have upper body control with good sensory skills to operate the joystick. Larger individuals with mobility impairments, cardiovascular diseases or just fatigue based conditions may prefer using heavy duty power wheelchairs

How frequently you should charge the battery of bariatric power wheelchairs?

It is recommended to charge the battery every night if the chair is going to be used continually throughout the day.