Frequently Asked Questions on Water/Gel Mattresses

What are the benefits of waterbeds?
  • A waterbed mattress supports every part of your body as it conforms to the exact shape of your body. 

  • It eliminates uncomfortable pressure points.

  • It has been estimated that a conventional spring mattress puts as much as eighty pounds of pressure per square inch on certain parts of your body. A water mattress eliminates that pressure to provide a good nights sleep.

What is the procedure to fill a waterbed mattress?

You can easily and safely fill the mattress using a standard garden hose and your fill and drain kit, supplied with the mattress.

How often does the water in the waterbed mattress need to be changed?

Sometimes for ease of handling during transfers, the mattress must be drained. Simply empty the water and roll up or fold your mattress until you are ready to assemble it again. You need not empty the mattress otherwise. A 4 oz. treatment of water conditioner is all you need every 6 months in standard "free flowing mattresses". Specially formulated waterbed conditioner should be added to "baffled" water mattresses.

How to keep the surface of the water mattress clean?

You should clean the surface of the waterbed mattress once a month with a vinyl cleaner.

What are the benefits of Gel Mattresses?

Gel mattresses help in preventing and treating pressure ulcers. Many hospitals and nursing homes use gel mattress for prevention and basic treatment of ducubitus ulcers. Gel mattresses are designed to fit over existing hospital bedframes.