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What are Visual Stimulation Products used for?

Visual Stimulation products are designed to be used by people who have difficulty differentiating between visuals. These aids are very important for children who depend on their visual senses to know what is happening around them.

Types of Visual Stimulation Products

Light Sensory Products

Light sensory products can have a powerful impact on people with neurological disorders. They help in perfect growth and development of users. These visual stimulation products are also useful for therapists to use in various vision stimulation activities .

Visually Stimulating Mirrors

Visually stimulating mirrors are perfect for inculcating various visual-perception skills in users. They create the visuals and conditions which help in the overall growth and development of users.

How to set a Visually Stimulating Environment?

  • While designing the enironment for a person with special needs, it is important to consider his/her requirements.
  • Special attention should be paid to factors like glare, sheen, brightness, etc., excess of which may work as negative visual stimuli.
  • Observe the behavioral reactions of users to different visual cues.
  • On the basis of the observation, use those products and activities that maximize the visual stimulation.
  • Revaluate the setting to ensure that nothing interferes with ability of child to perform.

Where to buy Visual Stimulation Products?

Health Products For You provides visual stimulation aids like light sensory toys and visually stimulating mirrors to help develop fine motor skills of the users. These products are from top-selling manufacturers like Enabling Devices, Skil Care Corporation, Universal Fiber Optic Lighting, North Coast Medical, etc.

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