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Early intervention toys are specially made for children to make them more active and to develop responses to various stimuli that these toys offer. These toys provide visual and auditory inputs to the child by way of playful activities that help them to learn as they play. Specific types of toys can be combined with play ideas to make them interactive and fun for small children. It is necessary that the children play with these toys in the supervision of an adult as some toys can cause choking hazards.

Children are often attracted by lights and noises. Smart toys provide visual and audio stimuli to help children learn and grow. But you should also let the child engage in social activities with other children by way of traditional toys, as they communicate less when engaged with electronic toys, to improve their language and communication skills. Excessive play with electronic toys can also hinder parent-child interaction as parents may speak less when the child is busy with the play. The sounds that these toys create can take the place of the meaningful conversation between the parent and child. There should be a balance of activity to toy, i.e. a toy should be 90 percent child’s input and 10 percent toy’s response while in case of electronic toys it is the inverse of it.

In some cases children are not interested in toys. This may be because the toy that you offer can be too complicated or confusing for the child. Always choose a toy that suits the current level of your child. Observe what type of toys your child wants to play with.

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