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Using A KettleBell Tidits


Protect your lower back when using a kettlebell. Whether you’re picking it off the ground or swinging it up in the air, never slouch your lower back. Instead, the power and force for all movements should be generated by your hips and legs.

Kettlebell are not quite as easy to use as many other gym devices, and slightly more dangerous, so be sure to ask at your local gym if there is a personal trainer or a class that specifically specializes in kettlebell instruction.

Nearly every kettlebell exercise you do, you should keep your planted and your weight on your heels. This will ensure that your body forming a strong foundation to lift and move the kettlebell.

You should never lift a kettlebell directly over your head. Compared to a dumbbell or bareball, it is much easier for your grip to slip or for you to drop the weight.