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Tips for Stress Reduction

Tips for Stress Reduction

Get Moving

Raise in activity level can help in reducing stress levels and can serve as distraction from negative thoughts and emotions. Rhythmic exercises like swimming and dancing are mostly effective.

Be Social

Talking to someone face to face helps release hormones that help in stress reduction. A short conversation with feelings of understanding and friendliness can have a calming and soothing effect on your nervous system.

Engage Your Senses

Consume fruits and veggies rich in potassium like bananas and sweet potatoes as potassum lessens the effects of sodium.



Practicing meditation can calm your mood and is very effective in stress reduction. Stress cannot be eliminated from life but it can be controlled by directing your thoughts to the right direction.

Sleep Tight

Tiredness can further worsen stress. Get your dose of daily sleep to reduce stress levels. A lot of ways are there to promote a good sleep that keeps you physically and emotionally balanced.