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Soothe your sore throat with these foods

Throat feels croaky? Soothe your sore throat with these foods

Got a sore throat? Don't run straight to the pharmacy, try these effective remedies from your kitchen first.


Yes, its true. Sap from the marshmallow plant has been used since hundreds of years to treat all kinds of colds. In addition, they are soft, slippery and full of gelatin that can coat your throat.

Chicken Soup

A hearty broth’s heat can soothe your throat and it is nutrient packed to keep your energy levels up.


Get better placed to fight off that sore throat with garlic. It contains allicin that boosts immunity and also contains antibacterial properties.

Honey Lemon combo

Squeeze down a lemon into a cup of warm water and add some honey to it. It will work as a lozenge in a liquid form.


This one is a game changer. According to traditional Chinese medicine cinnamon not only helps in healing but can completely ward off a sore throat.