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Solution For Seasonal Allergies


Herbs & Supplements

Quercetin, a heart-healthy chemical called a flavonoid, found in tea, onion, grapes and tomatoes, is a natural inflammatory that can block histamine’s effect before they start. Another helpful herb is butterbur, which may block the production of leukotrienes.

Carefull With Pets

Pets can bring the allergens on their fur from outside. You should immediately comb and brush the pets. Wash your hands and put your clothes in the laundary.

Nasal Sprays

Prescription sprays containing corticosteroids reduce inflammation and mucus production, while sprays with antihistamines block symptom - causing histamine.


If your most irritating allergy symptom is red itchy eyes, wash your eyes at regular intervals. Wear sunglasses to keep allergens out of your eyes. Drops formulated from the same medication used in nasal sprays may be your next go-to therapy.

Controlling Your Environment

A skin or blood test from your allergist will narrow down your particular allergens, so you can avoid them by, for example staying indoors with the windows closed during your worst pollen days. Wearing a pollen face mask while gardening and using a HEPA filter to clean the air in your home can help too.


Nasal Saline Flushing

It’s a common sense solution - remove the pollens, dust & other allergens from your nassal passages so they won’t bother you. To flush your nose of both mucus and allergens, make a saline sollution by mixing 8 ounces or warm distilled or sterilized water with ¼ teaspoon, each non-iodized salth & baking soda. Lean over the sink with your head tilted to one side & use a squeeze bottle or neti-pot to pour the solution into your top nostril, letting it flow out the bottom. Then switch sides.