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5 Simple Fun And Water Aerobics Exercises


Aqua Jogging

The perfect aerobic, low-impact exercise to get the heart pumping and blood flowing! Aqua jogging can be as simple as jogging through the water from one side of the pool to the other. This exercise can also be simplified to walking back and forth in the pool or jogging or marching in place.

Flutter Kicking

Grab a kickboard, hold it out in front of you and flutter-kick your legs to propel you back and forth across the pool. No kickboard? No problem! Grab the side of the pool and float with your head above water and use that same flutter-kick action. Make sure to kick at a steady tempo which doesn’t tire you too quickly but also gets your heart pumping.

Leg Lifts

Work all of the muscles in the legs, improve balance and strengthen your core all at the same time with water resistance. For this exercise, stand in the pool and lift one leg out to the side and back down. Repeat until your leg feels tired. Then switch legs and exercise the other leg.


Standing Water Push-Ups

Water push-ups are a great way to build arm, chest, and shoulder strength without putting too much pressure on the joints. Place your hands a little wider than shoulder-width apart on the edge of the pool. Bend your arms and lean in toward the wall, then push yourself back out. Repeat this exercise slowly until your arms feel tired. Be careful not to push it too hard until you know your limits.

Arm Curls

Grab your water weights and stand in the middle of the pool. Hold the weights with your arms in front and palms facing up. Curl the weights up then back down and repeat until your arms feel fatigued. This exercise can also be done with palms facing down with the same curling motion.