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Quicker Weight Loss Tidbits

Quicker Weight Loss Tidbits

Cut The Sugar

Eating sweet can satisfy you for a moment but it might also tempt you to eat more of it. Sugars help in stimulation of insulin that helps the fat to accumulate in your body. Reduce your sugar and carbs intake to burn more fat.

Mindful Eating

It’s easy to overeat when you have your favorite food in front of you. Slow down then. It is found that people who eat slow, eat less. It is good to focus on foods that force you to slow down.

Go Vegan

Research shows that eating a vegetarian diet helps you to lose weight at a faster pace than a non-vegetarian diet. Try the vegetarian protein sources like chickpeas, lentils and dried peas to boost your protein intake.


This wonder fruit is called the powerhouse. It consists of healthy fats and fills you up for longer. You may not feel the need for that extra snack in the evening if you include avocados in your lunch every

Reduce Stress

When you are stressed the body releases cortisol that helps in storage of fat. Try stress reduction while trying to lose weight. Try meditating to reduce the stress hormones in the body.