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Natural Ways To Build Healthy Bones

Natural Ways To Build Healthy Bones

Eat Lots of Vegetables

Veggies help build healthy bones during childhood and protect bone mass in adults.

Consume Enough Protein

Low protein lead can lead to bone loss. A high protein diet helps protect bone health as we age.

Avoid Very Low Calorie Diets

Not consuming enough calories has been found to reduce bone density, even when combined with resistance exercise. Consume a balanced diet with at least 1,200 calories daily to preserve bone health.

Maintain A Stable, Healthy Weight

Being too thin or too heavy can negatively affect bone health. Repeatedly losing and gaining weight (yo-yo dieting) can also put bone density at risk.

Consider Taking A Collagen Supplement

Emerging evidence suggests that supplementing with collagen may help preserve bone health by reducing breakdown.

Plenty of Vitamin D & Vitamin K

Getting adequate amounts of vitamins D and K2 from food or supplements can protect bone health.