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Clean Water Tidbits


Clean water helps in perfect digestion. Dry foods like bread, biscuits, etc. are hard to digest so water helps the easy passage of these foods.

Your muscles are made up of 75% of water. So drinking clean and pure water helps your muscles a lot. It reduces cramps, strains and muscles pain.

Pure water also helps you to reduce weight. Well, it doesn’t cut down your calories but instead fills up your stomach and in turn reduces your


Many a times, the acidic substances overpower the others and increase the pH balance of your body. This might lead to acidity. Drink adequate water which dilutes the stronger chemicals and helps maintain the pH balance of the body.

Clean water helps a lot in keeping our kidney’s clean. If the body is dehydrated, the kidney conservs water and do not produce urine which in turn casue the toxins to get accumulated in our body.

A good digestive system means that the toxins that harm your body do no exist anymore. This makes the skin glow. So, clean water indirectly leads to clean and glowing skin.