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Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Post-Surgery Tips

Quick Tips to Get Through Treatment

Depending on the factors the cancer treatments may include:

Chemotherapy: It is a form of treatment where medicines are used to kill cancer cells.

Radiation therapy: It is a form of therapy where radiation is used to kill malignant cells or tissue.

Hormone therapy: Hormone therapy or hormonal therapy is the use of hormones in cancer treatments.

Surgery: Surgery is the first line of treatment for most people having breast cancer. Its goal is to remove the entire tumour from the breast. The main types of breast surgery are:

Breast-conserving surgery: The cancer is removed along with the surrounding small amount of normal breast tissue.

Mastectomy: Remove all or part of the breast and possibly nearby structures.

A lumpectomy: Remove the breast lump.


Remember that the longer the surgery, The longer it takes to heal. Every hour Under anesthetic = 1 full day of recovery.


Keep a pillow in the car. Use it as a cushion between the seatbelt and surgery scars.


Chew Ice Chips during the first 5 minutes of Chemo Injection.


Wear a Button-down shirt so you don’t have to struggle to pull your shirt on and off.


Wear a post-surgery bra or Camisole while healing from breast surgery.


The Radiation room can be quite cold! Cut off the sleeves from an old turtleneck and to wear on your arms during treatment.