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Foods to get you through this winter season smoothly

Foods to get you through
this winter season smoothly

Ayurveda states that more than half of your immunity is driven by the digestion process. A regular and balanced diet, and some exercise can help you develop a good immune system. Here’s what you must eat to keep yourself away from the ills of the chilly winter season.

Say yes to porridge

This slow release breakfast helps you feel full of energy until lunch. A rich bowl of oats with a topping of seasonal fruits and some nuts can be a great choice as well.

Get your dose of Vitamin C

Foods like sweet potatoes, tomatoes, red peppers and citrus fruits must make a way to your plate. They are all rich in Vitamin C and help in boosting your energy level and immunity.

Zinc is your friend

Zinc rich foods like spinach, oysters and legumes help the immune system function normally. Include them in your diet if you want to stay away from viruses that can cause colds or flu.

Swap sugary drinks for soups

Cola can be comforting but it is bad for both your waistline and energy levels. Switch to soups and stews loaded with veggies and especially with lots of garlic or ginger.