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EXCELLENT!! I am not sure you can provide any better than you already do. The last place I bought these tripled their prices in one month; then lied to me about it. Being on a fixed income as I am, this was devastating to me and as I was not prepared to spend anywhere near that amount... and no one in that office seemed to care at all! They did try to fix it later but I had talked with you on the phone by then and liked your service so much that I will only use you for any future purchases!! :-) My sincere thanks!! Debbie

Deborah E
San Martin, CA


I have nothing but praise for the great service. It is amazing how quickly the orders are filled. When I order products online, I always receive them the next day. Couldn't be happier with the service. Needing medical supplies is something that needs attention quickly and this company always comes through.

Steven J
Windsor, CT


Quick shipping, fair prices, good availability. The “Deliver without signature” option is great. I’m never here during the day. Thank You!

Craig M
Campton, NH


I find that ordering from your store online is very handy because the products ordered are sent immediately and correctly, also the products are good. I will inform my friends that if they need any health products to order them from your company if they want good service.

Philip A
Irvington, NJ


Great service either by phone or internet. Even better when it comes to speedy shipping. Most orders within one to three days!

George S
Nashville, TN


After buying wound care products at a local pharmacy, I became discouraged at the prices and decided to shop around online. I was leery, however your website was easy to shop on and I find the exact products I wanted. I also liked being able to buy generic gauze products that were of equal value to the name brand ones, but much less cost. I also love free shipping on orders of $50 or more and the promptness of delivery.

Thank you very much! You got my business!

Kelly G
Whiteland, IN

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