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Zoll AED Plus Automated External Defibrillator Kit

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Defibrillator Kit

SKU #8000-004000-01
$1,870.29 Each
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Zoll AED Plus Automated External Defibrillator offers genuine CPR assistance for compression depth and pace. It is a gadget that can observe what you are doing in real-time and provide feedback to help you do it better. No other automated external defibrillator compares to the confidence and clarity that audio and visual cues give you when performing a rescue.

What does Zoll AED Plus External Defibrillator Kit Include?

  • One CPR-D Padz
  • One sleeve of batteries
  • Soft carry case
  • LCD screen showing voice prompt messages
  • Device advisory messages
  • Shock count and chest compression graph
  • Operators Guide


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Features of Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator with Kit

  • Real-Time CPR Help: The AED Plus provides real-time CPR feedback; it assesses the rate and depth of your chest compressions and instructs if you need to push harder.
  • Easy-to-Place Pads: The pads come pre-connected to a central unit. Just align the red crosshairs at the center of the chest, and both pads will automatically be situated at their proper locations.
  • Child-Friendly Design: If you need to use the ZOLL AED Plus on a child under 8 years old or 55 pounds, just attach the ZOLL Pedi Padz II (sold separately), and your device will automatically modify its coaching and treatment for pediatric patients.


  1. LCD Display (Not supplied on some units)
  2. Indicator Lights
  3. Battery Compartment (bottom)
  4. Shock Indicator
  5. Speaker (bottom)
  6. On/Off Button
  7. Carrying Handle
  8. Status Indicator
  9. IrDA Port (on the side of unit)
  10. Electrode Connector
  11. Graphics
Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator

What is an AED Machine?

  • Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) is a lightweight, portable, battery-operated, easy-to-use device designed to analyze the heart’s rhythm and, if necessary, send an electrical shock to the heart to restore normal rhythm.
  • This device is used to treat people experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.
  • The AED system includes accessories, such as pad electrodes and a battery that is necessary for the device to detect and interpret an electrocardiogram and deliver an electrical shock.
  • AED defibrillators are simple to operate and can be used by laypersons and basic life support-trained personnel.
  • These machines are widely available in airports, offices, schools, casinos, and other public areas.

How does an AED Defibrillator work?

  • The automated external defibrillator has an in-built computer and uses sticky pads with sensors called “electrodes” to analyze the patient’s heart rhythm.
  • The adhesive electrodes are attached to the person with a cardiac arrest.
  • After analyzing, the electrodes send the information to a computer in the AED.
  • The computer determines whether an electric shock is needed or not.
  • If defibrillation is needed, the digitally recorded voice prompts the rescuer to press the “shock” button to deliver the shock to the victim.

What to buy with ZOLL Defibrillator

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How to use Zoll Fully Automatic AED Plus?

To ensure that the Fully Automatic AED Plus is functioning properly and is ready for use in an emergency situation, the following set-up and checkout procedures should be performed before placing the device into service and after each clinical use.

  1. Inspect all external surfaces of the unit to ensure that they are clean and free of structural damage, such as cracks, and broken or missing parts.
  2. Inspect the electrode connector to ensure that there are no broken or missing connector pins.
  3. Verify that new CPR-D-padz, Stat-padz II or Pedi-padz II to be used with the Fully Automatic AED Plus are well within their expiration date.
  4. Follow the instructions provided with the new electrodes to pre-connect them to the electrode connector on the device and pack them within the Fully Automatic AED Plus cover.
    Note: If the electrodes are not connected to the Fully Automatic AED Plus unit, the device will fail the self-test and display a red “X” in the status indicator window.
  5. If the status indicator displays a red X, install new batteries.
  6. Close the top cover of the Fully Automatic AED Plus unit and initiate a self-test by pressing the Power Button. Verify that the unit issues the UNIT OK voice prompt. This prompt indicates that the new batteries and electrodes are properly installed and that the unit is ready for service.
  7. Verify that the Fully Automatic AED Plus unit issues the appropriate “Adult Pads” or “Pediatric Pads” voice prompt.
  8. Turn the Fully Automatic AED Plus unit off.
  9. Wait 2 minutes. Verify that the green check symbol appears in the status indicator window and that the unit does not emit a beeping tone.
  10. Place the Fully Automatic AED Plus unit in service.
  11. Check the Fully Automatic AED Plus unit periodically to ensure that the green check symbol appears in the status indicator window.

How to maintain Zoll Fully Automatic AED Plus with RX, CPR-D-padz Electrodes?

  • Inspect frequently, as necessary.
  • Check for the green check () showing that the Fully Automatic AED Plus is ready to use.
  • Verify that electrodes are within their expiration date.
  • Verify that batteries are within their expiration date.
  • Verify that electrodes are pre-connected to the input connector.
  • Verify that supplies are available for use (razor, mask, gloves, extra batteries.)

How to clean Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator with Kit?

  • After each use, clean and disinfect the Fully Automatic AED Plus with a soft, damp cloth using 90% isopropyl alcohol, or soap and water, or chlorine bleach and water mixture (30 ml/liter water).
  • Do not immerse any part of the Fully Automatic AED Plus in water.
  • Do not use ketones (MEK, acetone, etc.) to clean the Fully Automatic AED Plus.
  • Avoid using abrasives (e.g., paper towel) on the display window or IrDa port.
  • Do not sterilize the Fully Automatic AED Plus.

ZOLL Automatic External Defibrillator Reviews


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