Systagenix Silvercel Non Adherent Antimicrobial Alginate Dressing
Systagenix Silvercel Non Adherent Antimicrobial Alginate Dressing

Systagenix Silvercel Non Adherent Antimicrobial Alginate Dressing

Brand/Manufacturer: ACELITY/SYSTAGENIX

Systagenix Silvercel Non Adherent Antimicrobial Alginate Dressing features highly absorbent hydro-alginate component that helps maintain a moist wound environment beneficial to wound healing. It is a non-woven pad composed of alginate, fibers, with EasyLIFT Precision Film technology, laminated with non-adherent wound contact layer.

Item #DescPkgPrice 
900112 1" x 12" Rope Each $23.43 $12.00
900408 4" x 8" Each $40.99 $25.99
900112 1" x 12" Rope 5/Pack $87.60 $65.00
900202 2" X 2" Each $7.30 $4.69
900202 2" X 2" 10/Pack $65.23 $42.99
900404 4-1/4" x 4-1/4" Each $23.60 $14.39
900404 4-1/4" x 4-1/4" 10/Pack $212.90 $141.99
900408 4" x 8" 5/Pack $180.60 $122.99


  • EasyLIFT Precision Film technology allows for:
    Easy and pain-free removal
  • - Exudate absorption while ensuring non-adherence to the wound
    - Effective protection of the newly formed tissue
  • Antimicrobial action:
    Provides a sustained release of silver ions in vitro for up to 7 days
  • - Effective against a broad spectrum of wound pathogens
    - Effective barrier to bacterial penetration
  • Absorbency:
    - Able to deal with moderate-to-heavily exuding wounds
    - Allows for effective exudate management and helps to maintain a moist wound environment beneficial to wound healing
  • High wet tensile strength:
    - The dressing’s structural properties allow for intact removal; minimizing the risks of the dressing adhering to the wound bed and shedding fibers
  • Latex-free and disposable
  • Intended Use: 
    Moderate to heavily exuding wounds
     - Chronic and acute
     - Partial and full thickness
     - Decubitus (pressure) ulcers 
     - Venous ulcers 
     - Diabetic ulcers 
     - Donor sites 
     - Traumatic and surgical wounds

More Information

  • Before Application
    - Refer to the instructions for use.
    - Select a size of SILVERCEL NON-ADHERENT that is slightly larger than the wound.
    - Debride when necessary and irrigate the wound site in accordance with appropriate wound management protocol.
    - Remove any excess solution from surrounding skin.
    - Remove the dressing from the box.
  • Dressing preparation
    Opening the Pouch

    - Cut (using clean scissors) SILVERCEL NON-ADHERENT or fold the dressing to fit the wound.
    - Ensure SILVERCEL NON-ADHERENT will not overlap the wound margins.
    - Carefully remove SILVERCEL NON-ADHERENT from the pouch using aseptic technique and forceps.
  • Secondary dressing application
    - Cover SILVERCEL NON-ADHERENT with a secondary dressing such as TIELLE.
    - Choose the secondary dressing based on the level of exudate.
  • Dressing change and removal
  • - Dressing change frequency will depend on wound condition and the level of exudate.
    - Reapply SILVERCEL NON-ADHERENT when the secondary dressing has reached its absorbent capacity or according to good wound care practice.
    - Gently remove the secondary dressing.
    - Gently remove the dressing from the wound bed and discard.
    - If the wound appears dry, saturate the dressing with sterile saline solution prior to removal.
    - Irrigate the wound site prior to application of a new dressing.

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