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Systagenix Promogran Matrix Wound Dressing

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Systagenix Promogran Matrix Wound Dressing is comprised of a freeze-dried composite of 55% collagen and 45% oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC). It maintains a physiologically moist microenvironment at the wound surface that helps optimize and promote healing. This environment is conducive to granulation tissue formation, epithelization, and rapid healing of the wound. In the presence of exudate, Promogran Matrix Dressing transforms into a soft, conformable, and biodegradable gel. This allows contact with all the areas of the wound. Promogran Matrix is clinically proven to heal chronic wounds faster.

Why choose Promogran Dressings?

  • Can be cut with sterile scissors
  • haemostatic properties
  • Sterile
  • Versatile
  • Hexagon shape


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Promogran Matrix Wound Dressing Features

  • Primary wound dressing, which is easy to use and appropriate for multiple wound types
  • May be used under compression therapy with supervision of a healthcare professional
  • Can be cut with sterile scissors to fit any wound shape or it can be pre-moistened to form a gel and molded to fit the wound
  • Promogran matrix has demonstrated haemostatic properties
  • Not necessary to remove any residual Promogran Matrix at dressing changes as it will be naturally absorbed into the body over time
  • Retreat the wound with Promogran Matrix up to every 72 hours depending on the amount of exudate
  • Efficacy of Promogran Dressing is supported by clinical evidence, including 11 published RCTs

When to use Promogran Collagen Dressing?

Systagenix Promogran Matrix Dressing is intended for the management of exuding wounds including:

  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Venous ulcers
  • Ulcers caused by mixed vascular aetiologies
  • Abrasions
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Donor sites and other bleeding surface wounds
  • Full-thickness and partial thickness wounds
  • Dehisced surgical wounds
  • Traumatic wounds healing by secondary intention

How does Promogran Matrix Work?

When applied to a wound, collagen/ORC binds to proteases and inactivates them, reducing their levels of activity such as matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and elastase. This may restore balance to the microenvironment of the wound, promoting granulation tissue and helping the wound to close. Wounds with elevated protease activity (EPA), assessed using Woundchek Protease Status point, have a 90% probability that they will not heal without appropriate intervention. EPA can be identified using the Woundchek Protease Status test. When protease and elastase activity are reduced, a wound is more likely to heal. Collagen/ORC also has the ability to reduce the wound surface area. Collagen alone has been shown to be less effective in reducing the protease activity than the combination of collagen and ORC.

How does Promogran Matrix Work?

What to buy with Systagenix Promogran Wound Dressing

How to use Promogran Matrix Wound Dressing?

Step 1


  • Prepare the wound as per standard wound care protocol and debride when necessary
  • Peel back the tray cover and leave dressing in tray
  • If necessary, Promogran can be cut using clean scissors or folded to fit the wound bed
Step 1

Secondary Dressing Application

  • Apply directly to wound, covering the entire wound bed
  • For small, deep or wet wound, cut the dressing prior to application or pack dressing into the wound
  • If the wound is dry, moisten the dressing in the wound or in the tray
Step 1


  • Cover with a non-adherent contact layer such as Adaptic Touch or a foam dressing such as Tielle
  • Choose the secondary dressing based on the level of exudate
  • Apply any cover or retention/compression bandage if required

Significance Of Collagen/ORC in Promogran Dressing

Promogran is collagen (55%)/ORC (45%) containing matrix, for use where the wound is not at particular risk of increased bioburden, nor showing signs of increased bioburden. These are both natural materials that are readily broken down or reabsorbed when placed in the wound. When the collagen/ORC matrix comes into contact with fluid/ exudate in the wound, it absorbs the liquid to form a soft gel. This allows the Collagen Dressing to conform to the shape of the wound and come into contact with all areas of the wound. The gel physically binds to and inactivates damaging proteases, both matrix metalloproteases (MMPs) and elastase that are present within the wound. In addition, it binds with naturally occurring growth factors and prevents them from being broken down by damaging proteases. As the matrix slowly breaks down, the growth factors are released back into the wound in an active form, while the damaging proteases remain inactive.

Important Tips while using Promogran Collagen Dressing

  • Before treatment, dry necrotic tissue must first be removed by surgical, enzymatic or autolytic debridement.
  • For optimal effect, apply matrix directly to the entire wound bed.
  • For a wound with low or no exudate apply matrix and hydrate with saline or Ringer solution. Alternatively, the matrix can be pre-wetted with saline or Ringer solution before application using the tray it is pre-packaged in.
  • The matrix can be cut or folded and packed into deeper wounds.
  • The matrix must be covered with either gauze, a non-adhering or a hydro polymer dressing and can be used along with appropriate compression therapy or offloading.
  • After hydration the matrix forms a gel. This biodegradable gel is naturally absorbed over time.
  • It is not necessary to remove any residual matrix/gel. Reapply the matrix up to every 72 hours depending on the volume of exudate.


  • Patients with known hypersensitivity to the components of this product, i.e. ORC and collagen
  • Full-thickness burn injuries and active vasculitis
  • Discontinue use if signs of sensitivity appear
  • If infection is suspected during treatment, an appropriate antimicrobial dressing or systemic therapy should be used

Promogran Matrix Wound Dressing Reviews


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