Siris Boutonniere Finger Splints
Siris Boutonniere Finger Splints

Siris Boutonniere Finger Splints

Brand/Manufacturer: MISCELLANEOUS

Siris Boutonniere Finger Splints offer unparalleled strength, beauty and adjustability. Their elliptical shape provides a better fitting, more functional splint. They are made of nickel-free sterling silver, which is malleable for small adjustments without tools. They are used for reducible flexion contractions, mallet finger or lateral deviation of PIP, DIP and IP joints and to block severe hyperextension.

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81624113 Size 2 Each $199.89 $122.89
81624121 Size 3 Each $199.89 $122.89
81624139 Size 4 Each $199.89 $122.89
81624154 Size 5 Each $199.89 $122.89
81624162 Size 6 Each $199.89 $122.89
81624170 Size 7 Each $199.89 $122.89
81624188 Size 8 Each $199.89 $122.89
81624196 Size 9 Each $199.89 $122.89
81624204 Size 10 Each $199.89 $122.89
81624212 Size 11 Each $199.89 $122.89
81624220 Size 12 Each $199.89 $122.89
81624238 Size 13 Each $199.89 $122.89
81624246 Size 14 Each $199.89 $122.89
81624253 Size 15 Each $199.89 $122.89
81624261 Size 16 Each $199.89 $122.89


  • Siris Boutonniere Finger Splints can be used on the DIP joint, the PIP joint of a short finger or the IP joint of the thumb
  • Siris Boutonniere Splint for Hyperextension:
    - Use this Splint for severe hyperextension, greater than 20 degrees or when subluxation of the joint is occurring
    - Splint is worn with the oval spacer under the joint to block hyperextension while allowing full flexion
    - Position the two rings farther from the joint for better leverage at a more comfortable angle
  • Siris Boutonniere Splint for Lateral Instability:
    - Use this splint, worn with the spacer on the side of the joint, for lateral instability with limited range of motion
    - Splint provides the greatest leverage for correcting joint deviation when flexion of the joint is limited to less than 45 degrees, but not for a finger, which has full active flexion since the splint will rotate
  • Siris Boutonniere Splint for Flexion:
    - Splint can be used for both reducible flexion and mild to moderate non-reducible flexion
    - Use this splint to correct a reducible boutonniere or mallet finger deformity
    - Wearer can adjust this splint to hold the finger in position and provide varying degrees of extension mobilization
  • Also available (separetely):
    -Siris EZ-Sizer Measuring Kit (Code: 081623636)

More Information

  • Splint Adjustment and Fitting:
    - Boutonniere Splint comes with both rings at 30ƒÆ’¢‚¬Å¡ƒ€š‚°
    - If using the 15ƒÆ’¢‚¬Å¡ƒ€š‚° slot for measuring, adjust the angle of the ring when the splint is received
    - To loosen the splint, decrease the angle between the rings by pushing the rings together
    - To tighten the splint, spread the two rings further apart
  • Note:
    When using this splint to correct a mild to moderate non-reducible boutonniere or mallet finger contracture, less than 25 degrees, the individual ring sizes must be larger than normal since the splint must accommodate the contracture

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