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Responsive Respiratory EMS Oxygen Regulator - Preset 50 PSI

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50 PSI EMS Regulator

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Responsive Respiratory EMS Oxygen Regulator - Preset 50 PSI is intended for the administration of oxygen to patients who need to increase oxygen levels to improve their breathing conditions. In addition, some models may be used in emergency situations. In an emergency situation, one should be sure to contact a physician or EMS immediately. Preset 50 PSI EMS Regulator, CGA 540 comes with DISS. It is made up of lightweight aluminum outer sleeve with all brass inner core and is rated for use up to 3000 PSI. The oxygen regulator can be used on composite cylinders up to 3000 PSIG and has high visibility gauge. It meets FDA, CGA, ASTM Standards, including ignition testing.


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How to use Responsive Respiratory EMS Oxygen Regulator?

Prior to Installing the 50 psi Preset Oxygen Regulators

  1. Inspect the oxygen cylinder valve following the instructions of your gas supplier. A damaged valve may leak or fail to make a tight connection with the regulator. Prior to installing the regulator, open the cylinder valve slightly to purge the valve seat of any foreign particles
  2. NOTE: Point cylinder valve AWAY from your body before opening. Close valve again
  3. Inspect the regulator for oil, grease and other contaminants. If these are visible, DO NOT use the regulator
  4. Ensure the oxygen regulator is in the zero (0) “OFF” position
  5. Inspect the seal washer for damage and contamination. If either is visible, replace immediately with a new seal washer
  6. NOTE: Use only one seal washer at a time. DO NOT use plastic/ nylon yoke seals

EMS Oxygen Regulator

How to install Responsive Respiratory EMS Oxygen Tank Regulator?

CGA 870 connection (Yoke):
Step 1a:
Ensure the sealing washer is in place on the regulator inlet. NOTE: Use only 1 sealing washer at a time
Step 2b: Loosen T-Handle. Slip the yoke over the cylinder post and fi t the two guide pins into the holes on the cylinder valve.
Step 3c: Turn the T-Handle clockwise until the screw point is seated into the dimple on the cylinder valve. Ensure the regulator is tightened securely onto the cylinder. Hand tighten only. Proceed to Step 4

CGA 540 connection (Nut & Nipple):
Step 2a:
Ensure large cylinder is secured upright in a stand or rack
Step 2b: Gently thread the large nut on the oxygen tank regulator onto the connection on the cylinder valve
Step 3b: Tighten the nut with a large cylinder wrench until snug. Proceed to Step 4

Step 4: Attach oxygen supply tubing to the outlet connection(s)
Step 5: Slowly turn the cylinder valve on (counter-clockwise) one full turn until completely open. Turn fl ow setting knob clockwise until the prescribed setting shows in the window. Use as instructed.
NOTE: The fl ow selector knob must be set at a marked fl ow setting. Placing the knob between settings may result in inaccurate fl ow or no flow at all

Turning off the EMS Oxygen Tank Regulator

  • When device is not in use, turn the regulator to the zero (0) “OFF” position. Close the cylinder valve (clockwise) until completely closed and then turn the regulator back on to relieve the built up pressure until the gauge reads zero (0). Turn the oxygen regulator to the zero (0) “OFF” position

How to remove Responsive Respiratory Home Oxygen Concentrator?

  1. Turn the regulator to the zero (0) “OFF” position
  2. Turn the cylinder valve off (clockwise) until completely closed. Turn the regulator back on to release the built up pressure and the gauge reads zero (0). Turn the regulator to zero (0) “OFF” position
  3. Loosen the T-Handle or nut. Remove oxygen regulator

How to troubleshoot EMS Flow Select Oxygen Regulators?

No Oxygen is Flowing

  • Cylinder valve may be closed. Turn on cylinder
  • Regulator is in zero (0) “OFF” position or between fl ow settings. Turn fl ow knob to prescribed fl ow setting
  • Cylinder may be empty if the regulator gauge reads zero. Follow regulator removal procedure and replace tank

A Hissing Sound is Heard

  • A leak may be present. Turn the regulator off to the zero (0) “OFF” position. Turn the cylinder off, then turn the regulator to the “ON” position to relieve built up pressure until the gauge reads zero (0). Remove the regulator and then reaffi x to the cylinder. Slowly open cylinder again. If hissing persists, shut the system down again and contact your healthcare Provider. NEVER attempt to repair a regulator or cylinder yourself
  • The seal washer may be faulty (Yoke style only). Follow regulator removal procedure and replace with a new seal washer (#200-0120 seal washer is recommended). DO NOT use plastic/nylon yoke seals. Use only one (1) seal washer at a time

How to clean and maintain Responsive Respiratory Oxygen Machine For Home?

  1. Prior to cleaning, remove regulator from cylinder and disconnect all cannula, tubing and connectors
  2. Surface clean exterior of the regulator with a damp cloth and wipe dry
  3. Visually inspect seal washer. If it is visibly worn or has come into contact with any cleaning solution, it MUST be replaced. Follow regulator removal procedure and replace with a new seal washer. DO NOT use plastic/nylon yoke seals. Use only one (1) seal washer at a time
  4. Store in a resealable zip top plastic bag away from oils, grease and other contaminants

EMS Oxygen Regulator - Preset 50 PSI User Manual

Preset 50 PSI EMS Regulator FAQs

How long will my cylinder last?

Please go to O2 To Go Cylinder Duration Calculator.

What’s the difference between a regulator and a conserver?

Oxygen regulators deliver oxygen on continuous flow only.
Oxygen conservers deliver oxygen on inhalation only and do not provide oxygen during exhalation, thus allowing the cylinder contents to last 3 to 5 times longer than a regulator.

What to buy with EMS Oxygen Regulator

Preset 50 PSI EMS Oxygen Regulator Warranty

  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty: Covers internal components only. External gauges, barbs, washers, knobs and Tee handles are not covered.

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