Optec SALO LSO Back Support
Optec SALO LSO Back Support

Optec SALO LSO Back Support

Brand/Manufacturer: OPTEC USA
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Optec SALO LSO Back Support (Soft Alignment Orthosis) is ideal for pediatric, geriatric and wheelchair bound patients requiring spinal stabilization and support. It is comprised of plastic-rigid foam-soft foam. The outer layer of plastic ensures proper alignment of the spine. The in between layer of rigid foam adds stability and the inner soft foam provides patient excellent padding and overall comfort.

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  • Optec SALO LSO Back Support is indicated for:
    - Lumbar fusion
    - Degenerative herniated or bulging disc
    - Lumbar stabilization
    - Post operative
    - Spondylolisthesis
    - Spinal stenosis
    - Wheelchair support

More Information

  • Care and General Guidelines:
    - Before cleaning, remove plastic inserts from front and back panels. Hand wash at 86 F with mild soap. When drying, do not expose to direct heat (heater or sunlight) air dry. Never iron or dry clean. If not rinsed well after washing, residual soap may cause skin irritation and product deterioration. It is not uncommon for your body to change size under the spinal brace, because of the compression of the brace and because of a reduction in post-surgical swelling. If you change enough in size that you can no longer adjust the straps enough to get good compression, see your practitioner for a follow-up visit to resize or replace your brace. Your practitioner knows your medical status and is using the spinal brace as one part of your total care. It is important to follow his or her instructions exactly, even if they differ from some of the following guidelines.
  • Anterior Opening and Bivalve Fitting Instructions:
    - For both practical and medical reasons, patients require assistance in donning the orthosis. The assistant must carefully follow each step. Begin with the patient lying down on his side. While holding the brace open, carefully log-roll the patient into the orthosis.
    - Important: Once the patient is on his back, adjust the position of waistline grooves of the shell so that they it is oriented just above the patients pelvis but below his ribs, while ensuring that the undershirt is smooth underneath the brace. This prevents the patient skin from being pinched.
    - Tighten the Velcro straps, beginning at the bottom and working up to the top strap. While tightening the top strap, pull up in a diagonal direction on the undershirt. Again, this prevents the patients skin from being pinched.
    - For best results, re-tighten straps with the patient laying on a flat surface with knees bent and feet flat. Finally, ensure that orthosis fit is snug and does not cause any discomfort.


Women SizeXyphoid MeasurementWaist MeasurementHip Measurement
X-Small23" to 29"19" to 25"25" to 31"
Small27" to 33"23" to 29"29" to 35"
Medium31" to 37"27" to 33"33" to 39"
Large35" to 41"31" to 37"37" to 43"
X-Large39" to 45"35" to 41"41" to 47"
2X-Large43" to 49"39" to 45"45" to 51"
3X-Large47" to 57"43" to 49"49" to 55
Men SizeXyphoid MeasurementWaist MeasurementHip Measurement
X-Small29" to 35"24" to 30"28" to 34"
Small33" to 39"28" to 34"32" to 38"
Medium37" to 43"32" to 38"36" to 42"
Large41" to 47"36" to 42"40" to 46"
X-Large45" to 51"40" to 46"44" to 50"
2X-Large49" to 55"44" to 50"48" to 54"
3X-Large53" to 59"48" to 54"52" to 58"


90 days warranty

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