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Drive SmartDose Mini Auto Adjusting Oxygen Conserver

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4.2" x 3" x 5"

$355.09 Each
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Drive SmartDose Mini Auto Adjusting Oxygen Conserver senses patient breath rate and turn oxygen flow up and down as needed, within seconds. It is intended as a delivery device for medical-grade oxygen from high-pressure oxygen cylinders. This is an ambulatory device, which allows patients to ambulate longer than they would with a continuous flow regulator on the same cylinder. Optimizes both patient saturation and oxygen conservation.


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  • Drive SmartDose Mini Electronic Auto Adjusting Oxygen Conserver achieves maximum conservation efficiency by automatically adjusting the dose down at lower activity levels
  • Senses patient breathing patterns, and adjusts the preset rest setting higher by up to 2 settings as needed to best match dose to need
  • Can use 2 AA Alkaline batteries for about one year for most patients
  • Delivers a quiet, gentle dose of oxygen using an efficient, compact design
  • Operating pressure range: 500 to 3000 PSI
  • Delivers a uniform pulse dose increments 1,2,3,4,5 plus CF preset at 2 LPM
  • Allows delivered dose to increase up to 2 settings during patient exertion up to a maximum pulse dose setting of 7
  • Auto shut-off feature conserves battery life
  • Fits easily in virtually any carry bag
  • Lightweight, weighing just 15.5oz with batteries
  • Drive SmartDose Mini Auto Adjusting Oxygen Conserver - User Manual

More Information

  • How SmartDose Works:
    - Extends the use time from a supply of oxygen by only delivering oxygen during the portions of the breath that put the gas into the lungs
    - Delivers a volume of oxygen on each breath, right at the start of inhalation. It delivers the full dose (bolus) of oxygen within 2/3 of the inhale cycle
    - By doing so, it is not delivering oxygen at the end of inhalation or during exhalation, as other devices do
    - The normal volume of oxygen that SmartDose delivers is 16 ml per set, so that a setting of 2 delivers 32 ml of oxygen on each breath, in the first 2/3 of the inhale cycle
    - SmartDose monitors a patients breathing patterns and automatically turns up the oxygen volume by one setting during exertion, and if breath rate continues to rise, by another set
    - Many patients turn their settings up and down throughout the day, but this self administered approach is inconsistent and by the time most patients feel the need to turn it up, their oxygen levels have already dropped
    - SmartDose responds more quickly and consistently
    - SmartDose recognizes when exertion stops and lowers the volume back down to normal levels thus saving oxygen
    - Again, this is often an improvement over manual adjustments since patients often forget to turn the volume down after exerting. Most patients can titrated at lower base settings due to SmartDoses efficient delivery and auto-adjusting features
    - This extends the use time of your oxygen supply. SmartDose also uses a multi-valve system that has multiple delivery flow rates. The unit can deliver a volume at two flow choices
    - The unit constantly monitors the patients breath rate and determines the lowest flow option to fit the oxygen into the first 2/3 of the inhalation cycle
    - By delivering at lower flows, the unit is more comfortable, and quieter than units that deliver at higher flows all the time
  • Important Safeguards:
    - Urgent safety information for hazards that will cause serious injury or death
    - Information for preventing damage to the product
    - Important safety information for hazards that might cause serious injury
    - Information to which you should pay special attention
  • General Dangers and Warnings:
    - Fire hazard. Do not lubricate. Do not allow grease or oil from your hands or other source to come into contact with the internal tubing of the SmartDose Mini Auto-Adjusting Oxygen Conserver
    - Oxygen causes rapid burning. Do not smoke in the vicinity of your SmartDose Mini Auto-Adjusting Oxygen Conserver
    - Keep the SmartDose Mini Auto-Adjusting Oxygen Conserver at least 5 feet (1.5M) from hot, sparking objects or open sources of flame. hen you are near a person utilizing oxygen therapy
    - Keep matches, cigarettes, burning tobacco, or other open flames away from the area where the system is being stored or operated
    - Keep the equipment away from heat sources, electric or gas heaters of any kind, fireplaces, or stoves
    - Avoid creation of any spark near oxygen equipment. This includes sparks from static electricity created by any type of friction
    - Keep the equipment at least seven feet away from radios, television sets, window air conditioners, fans, electric razors, hair dryers, and all other electrical appliances
    - Do not lay the cannula down. Do not lay the cannula down while the oxygen is flowing. High concentrations of oxygen can cause rapid burning
  • Transporting and Storing:
    - SmartDose Mini Auto-Adjusting Oxygen Conserver Preparing for Shipping Prior to shipping the SmartDose Mini Auto-Adjusting Oxygen Conserver, remove the batteries and remove from oxygen cylinders
    - Storage Store the SmartDose Mini Auto-Adjusting Oxygen Conserver in a cool, clean, dry area when not in use. Avoid storing in direct sunlight
    - Battery disposal Dispose of all batteries in accordance with local, state and federal regulations


Specifications Dimensions
Power Supply 2 Standard "AA" alkaline batteries
Operating Temperature 18°F to 104°F (-8°C to 40°C)
Operating Pressure (cylinder) 500 - 3,000 psig (34 to 207 bar)
Operating Humidity 10 - 95 % RH, non-condensing
Storage Temperature - 20° to 50°C
Storage Humidity 0 - 95% RH, non-condensing
Continuous Flow Rate 2 LPM + 0.25 LPM
Volume / Patient Setting 16 ml +20%,-10%
SmartDose 1 Volume 16 ml, incremental to standard volume
SmartDose 2 Volume 32 ml, incremental to standard volume
Weight (with batteries) 15.55 ounces
Dimensions 4.2" x 3" x 5"


2 year limited warranty

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