Frequently Asked Questions on Dry skin

What is Xerosis?

Dry skin or Xerosis could be either due to genetic or external causes. Wrinkled and uncomfortable rough skin can be a result of the top most layer of the skin - epidermis, losing its moisture. Low lipid or water content in the skin leads to this dry skin.

Why is it important for diabetics to moisturize dry skin?

It is important for people with diabeties to take care of dry skin as skin that''s too dry can crack, itch, and get infected.

How can diabetics prevent dry skin?

Diabetics must take care of their dry skin by following the simple care regimen.

  • Keeping skin, especially at armpits, toes, and groin, clean and dry, and apply a light moisturizer. Take short, lukewarm showers or baths using mild soaps and shampoos at the time of you washing. 
  • Skip deodorant or scented cleansers, that are harsh on sensitive skin.
  • Moisturize right after a shower or bath, when the skin is still moist.
  • Dry the skin by patting gently with a soft towel. Don''t rub. Focus on underarms, between legs, under breasts, and between toes.
What do moisturizers do for dry skin?

Our skin acts as a barrier but dry skin doesn’t work well. Moisturizing the skin creates a more effective barrier, improving this vital function and promoting healthy skin. The main reason for moisturizing dry skin is to improve protection.

What ingredients in skin care products must be avoided if you have dry skin?

In case of a dry, sensitive skin, it is recommended to avoid cosmetic products that contain alcohol, like alcohol based toners or cleansers, and go easy on the exfoliation. Soaps may dry the skin out as well, so you must choose soap-free cleansing products that are designed for dry skin.