Frequently Asked Questions on Rehab & Exercise

How can I get my unmotivated body to work out?
It is not easy to maintain a regular routine (that is if you have started one already) of workouts because we tend to get a little lazy. But, all you need to do to get healthy and lose weight is move. According to experts, the so-called lifestyle exercisers, who regularly take stairs instead of elevators, walk instead of drive and clean the house, etc., lose just about as much weight and body fat as those following a structured exercise regime. Therefore, the real key to weight control is very simple actually - just move.
I am worried that doing strenuous workout will increase my appetite?
This is a common worry with people that if they exercise it will lead to them eating more and blow their diet altogether. But that is not true. Regular exercise, including strength training, will help you lose and control your weight. High-intensity workouts are said to actually make you lose your appetite. Research has shown that those doing strength training will eat less fat and at the same time, boost their mechanism with added muscle.
What are the benefits of exercise?
A few minutes a day can improve your health and well-being. Regular exercise will help you lose weight and increase energy. It will help reduce stress and therefore, you will even sleep better. It strengthens the heart and the lungs and brings down your risk of heart disease. On the whole, it will improve the quality of your life.
Which are the exercise equipment that are effective in the home gym?
For your home gym there are a number of exercise equipment that should help you stay fit. They are effective and easy to use. These include equipments like FitBall rollers, balance board and tools, exercise balls and bands and tubings.
How does 'breathe in breathe out' help in exercise?
The act of breathing in and breathing out is essential when doing a workout. And there has to be a proper way of doing it. When you breathe in, it will help you bring in the appropriate amount of oxygen into the system and also help you with endurance. A great example in this case are marathon runners who use a rhythm of breathing when running. This allows them to run longer and stay fitter.
If I am on medication, should I be careful when exercising?
Some drugs can have a negative effect on the body if it is mixed with exercise. The heart might start functioning too hard or you might not sweat as much as you should. If you are on medication, then it is always advisable to consult your doctor before taking on exercise.
After a workout, what should be my diet?
Do not start bingeing on food as soon as you have finished your exercise regimen. Especially, immediately after the exercise, just eat some fruits and drink water. Your body is still in exercise mode and still breaking down fat, so allow it to do that without adding to its woes.
When working out, why do I sweat so much?
When working out, you will sweat because through sweating, the body gives off heat and keeps the temperature down. The more you work out, the more the sweating, because the body is trying to cool itself off. Sometimes, one person sweats more than another and this could be because of more sweat glands. On the whole, when working out if you are sweating that means you are fit.