Frequently Asked Questions on Switches

What are assistive technology switches?

Computer switches are access devices used by people with sensory and motor control disorders. A wide range of switches are designed to make activities easier and are perfect for people who want to be more independent.

What are the different type of switches?

Types of switches include small button, large button, sip/puff, foot switches, face movement and even movement sensor switches.

What are application areas of switches?

Switches can be used to access computer software, communication devices, environmental control units, mobile devices and even sequential message communications.

What are the benefits of switches?

Some of the benefits of switches include:

  • A single switch can be used to access a variety of technologies or equipment
  • Switches help in adapting a wide range of devices and applications for children with disabilities so they can engage and participate in activities.
  • A switch when connected to an ECU can give individuals control over their environment.
  • The use of a switch can enable a child with disability to become mobile, turn something on or off, play with cause and effect toys, and even communicate. 
Can a switch be plugged in directly to a computer?

No, switches require a switch Interface to bridge the gap between the switch and the computer''s USB, serial, or PS/2 port.