Frequently Asked Questions on Lumbar Support Belts

What are lumbar support belts?

Back support belts or lumbar support belts are designed to support and improve back posture. It helps in treating and managing low back pain. Neoprene Support Belts or belts made from other breathable fabrics provide therapeutic heat.

For what conditions are Lumbar support belts indicated?

Lumbar support belts are indicated for conditions like sciatica, a slipped disc, facet syndrome, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease.

Can Back Braces be worn in the night?

Yes, you may wear a back brace if you feel comfortable in it. Keep the brace over any night clothing to avoid the velcro straps irritating your skin.

Do back braces work for herniated disk?

A herniated disc may cause acute and chronic low back pain, leg pain or sciatica. Lumbar Support braces can help support the lower back after a herniated disc by providing the required compression and stability.

When should you remove your back brace?

You must discontinue the use of a back support if you feel pain or discomfort in lying down, have trouble breathing or sleep apnea.