Frequently Asked Questions on Heel Cups

What are the uses of heel cups?

Heel cups ire designed to provide shock absorption for those with heel pain that is agonizing when the heel strikes the ground. Heel pain is very common and often a symptom of heel spurs or plantar fasciitis.

Can you experience discomfort while wearing heel cups?

When you wear the heel cups for the first time you may experience some discomfort. you may experience a mild pressure between the heel and the arch of the foot. It is due to a gentle stretching of the plantar fasciia ligament. This stretch helps in realigning it to healthy position and fascilitates healing.

Can heel cups be worn in different shoes?
Yes, heel cups are not adhesive and therefore can be used in different shoes.
When should you use heel cups?
Heel cups can be used in case of
  • Heel spurs 
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Hip/back pain
  • General heel pain
Are heel cups sold as singles or pair?

Heel cups always come in pairs. It is important to wear heel cups in both the feet in order to maintain balance and stability.